Affiliate Manual

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3. Main Menu


Provides customer transactional information used in calculating commission.

Affiliate Transactions Panel

Figure 3.1 Affiliate Transactions Panel.
  1. Click transactions to view Transaction details and History.
  2. Click to Export all Transactional Data in to CSV format.


Displays Earned Commission grouped by period.

Affiliate Commission Panel

Figure 3.2 Affiliate Commission Panel.
  1. Click to View details about earned commission.


Displays how many times referral links have been clicked by Clients.

Affiliate Clicks Panel

Figure 3.3 Affiliate Clicks Panel.


Displays all customers signed up using Referral URL and Connected to Affiliate Account.

Affiliate Customer Panel

Figure 3.4 Affiliate Customer Panel.
  1. Click Customer Number to Set Global Filter and View History.

Customer Users

Displays Customer Users.

Agent Users Panel

Figure 3.5 Agent Users Panel.
  1. Click to view user change history.

Customer Support

Displays all current Open Support Tickets and allows the management and support of customers.

Support panel

Figure 3.6 Support panel.
  1. Click to View Ticket.
  2. Filter according to Customer, Agent or Partner.
  3. Search for Tickets using Keywords.
  4. Click to edit Canned responses.
  5. Click to show all previously closed tickets.

My Profile

Change Billing and Log in Information.

Agent My Profile Menu

Figure 3.7 Agent My Profile Menu.
  1. Fill in Email address to use as username.
  2. Select a password.
  3. Fill in Billing address.
  4. Select Payment type and fill in account details.
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