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Free Number Porting for TerraSip Customers to VoIPstudio

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Hosted VoIP is fast becoming the most sought after upgrade for business organizations. As Internet connectivity and speeds continue to improve around the world, the growth of VoIP adoption is also skyrocketing. While SIP trunking is quite popular in midsized and large organizations, hosted VoIP is still the preferred alternative for smaller companies.

Hosted VoIP has numerous benefits and many companies have still not unlocked the full potential of this new (to them) technology. Hosted VoIP is easy to use, simple to setup, doesn’t require much investment in the beginning or even maintenance on a daily basis. Organizations generally see an improvement in productivity and efficiency in various processes. As the industry has evolved, vendors have also improved the quality of sound and reliability, two factors which were lacking in the earliest generations.

Switching to Another Provider

There are many reasons why an organization might want to look at alternative providers for their phone service:

  • The quality of service from their current vendor has declined over time
  • Their needs have changed and their provider cannot serve them any longer
  • Competitors are offering much better pricing or features
  • Poor customer care or technical support
  • The vendor is delaying upgrades to equipment or lags behind in providing the latest features that others are offering

TerraSip to Shutdown Server and Stop service

However, not many businesses consider the scenario where the vendor is going out of business. Most people assume that the probability of a company going out of business is quite low, especially one that has an established presence in the market. But the reality is that companies close their doors all the time. It is just that we don’t remember when it happens unless it directly affects us or our organization.

This may happen for many reasons – they may be bankrupt, mismanagement, poor service leading to customer exodus and so on. Whatever is the real the reason for the company shutting down, it is now your problem as well. This is precisely the current situation for TerraSip and its clients. If you go to their website right now, you can see a short message stating that they are shutting down the server at the end of November and they will be reimbursing clients for the credit remaining in their accounts.

So if you are a current TerraSip customer, what do you do?

Switch to an Alternative Provider – VoIPstudio

When it comes to technology, switching to a new vendor is easier said than done. But that is not the case when we are talking about VoIP. The same factors that make it useful for organizations enable them to switch providers as well. TerraSip Customers will already have the requisite equipment which will continue to function with VoIPstudio. Employees don’t need any new training is they already know how to use a VoIP system. At most there will be minor differences in the online dashboard and configuration settings.

What about Your Phone Numbers?

While the entire process of moving to a new provider can be seamless and personal issues, there is always the tricky subject of changing your phone numbers. No one likes to change contact information on a whim, least of all a business. To do so when you are already recovering from a major problem is just not convenient. This is why number porting is so important in the VoIP industry.

VoIPstudio Offers Free Number Porting for TerraSip Customers

In an effort to make it even easier for TerraSip customers to move, VoIPstudio is offering free number porting to our service. It means that organizations do not have to worry about losing their numbers or paying fees to port them to another provider. After all, you are already paying for the move to a new provider, why should you have to pay just to keep your old numbers?

With this incentive, there is no reason why you should select the nearest available provider to help you through this time of crisis. Instead of viewing it as a disaster, why not see this as an opportunity to get even better service from a trusted vendor with years of experience in the VoIP industry? Some businesses may focus only on the immediate problem and won’t stop to think about the next few years. But it doesn’t mean you have to do the exact same thing.

VoIPstudio offers benefits both now and for the future with free number porting, excellent customer support and extensive backup infrastructure. Moving from one service to another is hard enough on you and your employees without having to repeat that process again within a year! By switching to VoIPstudio, you get the ease of use and advantages of exceptional VoIP service. Plus you get to keep all your old numbers and contact information intact.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!