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Last updated: 12th June 2018

At VoIPstudio we’re continuously striving to deliver the best service we possibly can. VoIPstudio goes through regular upgrades and changes to help ensure that our users get the best possible experience from the service.

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Latest VoIPstudio features


  • Web Dashboard – version: 1.0.49
    • Trial now needs to be activated first in order to use the web panel (except support);
    • During the free trial, the customer now needs to use the free trial allowance first in order to buy more numbers;

Latest VoIPstudio bug fixes


  • Web Dashboard – version: 1.0.49
    • Fixed issue with ordering US numbers for different cities and same area codes;
  • Desktop Softphone – version: 3.0.44
    • Fixed issue with reseting Audio Out to Default after restart;
    • Fixed OSX Log out crash issue

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VoIPstudio is deployed by organisations in a range of industries across the world to deliver low-cost, high-performance business VoIP services.

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