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Last updated: 17th October 2018

At VoIPstudio we’re continuously striving to deliver the best service we possibly can. VoIPstudio goes through regular upgrades and changes to help ensure that our users get the best possible experience from the service.

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Latest VoIPstudio features

24thSeptember 2018

  • Desktop Softphone – version: 3.0.45
    • added support for attaching files to support tickets;
    • added support for displaying contact names in dialled numbers section;
    • added the ability to paste e164 numbers in soft-phone “Enter number” space;

Latest VoIPstudio bug fixes

24thSeptember 2018

  • Desktop Softphone – version: 3.0.45
    • Fixed issue with invalid location when logging into Softphone;

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VoIPstudio is deployed by organisations in a range of industries across the world to deliver low-cost, high-performance business VoIP services.

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