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At VoIPstudio we’re continuously striving to deliver the best service we possibly can. VoIPstudio goes through regular upgrades and changes to help ensure that our users get the best possible experience from the service.

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VoIPstudio is deployed by organisations in a range of industries across the world to deliver low-cost, high-performance business VoIP services.

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Grasshopper Shuts Doors in the UK

Does your business purchase VoIP service from Grasshopper in the UK? Then their recent announcement about shutting down service must have come as quite the shock. In a short statement, the company said they will shut down service to UK clients by 30 April 2018 and focus on their US product instead. Grasshopper has offered…

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Will Hosted VoIP Change your Business Workflow?

The market share of VoIP in the telecommunication industry continues to grow with each passing year. Both on premise SIP implementations and hosted VoIP services are multimillion dollar segments within the young industry. While SIP has established itself as the dominant protocol, many businesses continue to favor hosted services for its ease of use and…

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Will New Internet Taxes Impact VoIP?

The year 2017 saw quite a few changes in the Internet landscape. Challenges to net neutrality are not new but the latest change may very well affect how we use it. Now that the net neutrality rules are no longer in effect, what can we expect going forward? How will this impact VoIP providers and…

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