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Award-winning business VoIP

VoIPstudio is an award winning business VoIP provider that delivers all the functionality your business needs from the cloud!

Free Internet calls

With our Business VoIP telephone system internet (or VoIP) calls are free and unlimited. Enable your co-workers to talk to each other for free, whether they are in the next room, building, city or on the other side of the world - they are just one extension away.

Reduced call rates

Because we route your calls over the Internet the cost is typically much lower compared to traditional telecommunication operators.

No contract

We are sure about our service quality so we do not constrain our customers with any long term contract. You can leave our service anytime if you are not 100% satisfied.

CRM integration

Our VoIPstudio plugin for SalesForce CRM can be added within minutes to allow inbound and outbound call handling. Users can initiate a call simply by clicking telephone numbers directly from the SalesForce panel. For incoming calls it allows to open an associated contact directly or add as a new lead if the telephone number is not recognized.

Instant deployment

Because there is no hardware PBX (telephone switch) to install, you can start using our system within 10 minutes from signing up.

Advanced PBX features

You will not need to worry ever again about full voicemail box rejecting messages from your customers. With VoIPstudio IP PBX you will enjoy unlimited voicemail and call recording storage.

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Simple to use web interface

Get started in minutes with our intuitive browser based user interface.

Create and manage user groups, IVR call flows, conference rooms, voicemail and call recordings all with the click of a button.

Manage your business communications from a single, simple admin portal.

Make calls from any device

Deskphone, softphone, smartphone or tablet - Android or iOS.

Whatever your preference, VoIPstudio is equally at home on any device. Get the flexibility to make calls on multiple devices and make your business communications truly global.

Award-winning VoIP Telephony

VoIPstudio has been recognised by the VoIP industry as one of the leading cloud PBX services available on the market.

We’re proud holders of the 2018 ITSPA "Best Business Internet Telephony Service Provider" award and hold a 5 star ‘Excellent’ rating from our customers on Trustpilot.

1000s of companies rely on VoIPstudio

VoIPstudio is deployed by organisations across the world to deliver lowcost, high-performance business VoIP services.

every day

Simple, transparent pricing

Choose from one of our flexible plans to find the service that best fits your needs. No hidden charges, no contracts, no fuss!

Pay as you Go
Instant Deployment
24/7 Technical Support

Advanced PBX features:
Auto Attendant (IVRs),
Call Queues,
Call Recording,
CRM Integration
+40 more

Set up and numbering:
Free non-geographical number*
Free number porting
Free inbound calls**

All of
Pay as you Go plan

2000 minutes bundle for
each user of free
outbound calls***
to one chosen country

Set up and numbering:
Choose from 30+ countries
& 10,000+ cities
Inclusive geographical number
each user

All of
National plan

2000 minutes bundle for
each user of free
outbound calls*** all listed

countries and to mobile
phones in these countries

* UK non-geographical numbers supplied free of charge. Geographical numbers priced from £4.99 per month, plus £4.99 set up fee.
** excludes Toll Free numbers.
*** includes regular fixed line numbers and most mobile phones, see Call Rates for detailed list of destinations included in minutes

Free trial FAQs

How does the 30-Q day free trial work?
Sign up for a trial account and enjoy 30 days of full access to all of our virtual PBX options and features without any obligations. If you decide that you don’t want to continue using our virtual PBX service after the trial period, you don’t have to do anything. Your trial will end automatically and no monthly fees will be charged.
Do I need a credit card?
A credit card is not required, you can start using fully functional VoIPstudio Cloud Phone System right away. You may have to provide a valid telephone number to activate your Free Trial.
Can I cancel the trial at any time?
If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your VoIPstudio hosted phone system you can cancel your subscription

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