Voip pbx features

See all the features of our business phone
Business VoIP features

VoIPstudio comes with a broad set of advanced features so you can build the call centre you need for your outbound and inbound calls.

A business phone system with an industry-leading feature set.

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Business VoIP features
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Our business phone features

A complete set of features to
streamline your communications
system and admin features
Toll free numbers
Toll-free numbers

Choose your own toll-free number so customers can call you free of charge.

VoIP geographic numbers
Geographic numbers

Choose a local number from our growing list of countries and cities.

VoIP call recording service
Call recording

Record your calls and store them for instant playback, review. PCI compliant.

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VoIP emergency calls
Emergency calls

VoIPstudio complies with all the relevant E911 regulations around emergency calling.

Call logging
Call logging

Access detailed information about queues, ring time, call duration and more.

VoIP number porting
Number porting

Bring your existing numbers with you when you move to VoIPstudio, porting is free!

Business VoIP web portal
Web portal

Manage your VoIPstudio system from anywhere with out intuitive web portal.

VoIP failover protection
Failover protection

Automatic redirection in the event of internet failure, never miss a call.

Multipoint registration
Multipoint registration

Simultaneously access VoIPstudio from a deskphone, softphone or mobile app.

VoIP auto provisioning
Auto provisioning

Manage all your SIP phones with one click central provisioning.

VoIP call centre wallboard

Turn any screen into an instant call centre wall board in a few simple clicks.

Call and user features
VoIP virtual switchboard
Virtual switchboard

Create a professional front end and manage your company’s phones with simple drag & drop

Business VoIP voicemail

Customisable voicemail for every extension, access online, by phone or email.

Business VoIP IVR

Professionally manage your inbound calls, direct calls instantly to the right person.

VoIP extension dialling
Extension dialling

4 digit extension dialling to simply and quickly reach all your company contacts.

Business VoIP ring groups
Ring groups

Make sure that calls are answered by the right person with customised ring groups.

VoIP acd
ACD and queues

Manage inbound traffic and distribute calls effectively with customisable ACD queues.

VoIP time routing
Time based routing

Build a service that reflects the daily rhythm of your business with time based routing.

VoIP music on hold
Music on hold

Create customised messages and musical interludes for callers on hold.

Phone company directory
Company directory

Transfer calls quickly and easily with our built-in company directory.

VoIP call transfer
Call transfer

Instantly transfer calls to any extension on your system, anywhere in the world.

Business VoIP call waiting
Call waiting

Be alerted to incoming calls as they arrive even when your line is busy.

Call pickup
Call pickup

Make calls available to all agents in a specific ring group with call pickup.

Call parking
Call parking

Direct calls to a virtual ‘parking space’, ready for agents to pick up on their extension.

Sms gateway
SMS gateway

Send SMS text messages directly through our softphone and control panel.

Fax gateway
Fax gateway

Send and receive faxes directly from the online control panel to your own fax gateway.

Text to speech
Text to speech

Create audio prompts automatically in eight languages.

Dynamic caller id
Dynamic Caller ID

Calling into Spain? Present a Spanish caller ID. Caller ID is configurable on the fly.

Collaboration features
Conference calls
Conference calls

Quickly create virtual conference rooms for an unlimited number of participants.

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VoIP screenshare

Show and tell! Share your screen with other VoIPstudio users.

File sharing
File share

Share files instantly with team members. Bring more detail to conference calls.

Call barge in
Call barge in

Barge in and interrupt live calls to speak to all parties.

Agent coaching
Agent coaching

Drop into a live call and provide some helpful hints to your agent in ‘whisper mode’.

Agent monitoring
Agent monitoring

Drop in on and listen to live calls to monitor and review agents’ performance.


See who is and who isn’t available for a call instantly with user presence indicators.

Warm transfer
Warm transfer

Calls are handled better when you can brief your team mates before the call is transferred.

Instant messaging
Instant messaging

Send a quick message to your colleagues instead of calling to save time.

Hot desking
Hot desking

Move agents from desk to desk and re-configure phone services within seconds.

productivity features
VoIP mobile apps
Mobile apps

Take VoIPstudio with you wherever you go with our Android and iOS apps.

Follow me
Follow me

Automatically forward calls to multiple external numbers (mobile or landline)

Click to call
Click to call

Make instant connections with click to call, access your contacts instantly.

Speech to text
Speech to text

Turn voicemail messages into e-mail transcripts. Access your messages anywhere.

Desktop alerts
Desktop alerts

Get a desktop alert for incoming calls, click to answer instantly.

VoIP crm integrations
CRM integrations

VoIPstudio works out of the box with your favourite CRMs and applications.

Analytics features
Realtime dashboard
Real-time dashboard

Configure and customise your own analytics dashboard to track what matters in real time.

Call centre analysis
Call centre analytics

Track your team’s KPIs from a simple, central dashboard. Monitor wait times, missed calls and more.


Track calls in real-time to address bottlenecks, extended wait times and dropped calls.

Call tagging
Call Tagging

Categorize and label calls, both in real time and as historical records. Tag and filter calls for better analysis.

Marketing features
Call me back
Call me back

Allow your customers to request a call on your website and connect them with the right person instantly.

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Live Chat
Live Chat

Use our 247LiveChat service to allow your website visitors to receive instant personalized assistance.

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Call tracking
Call tracking

Allows attributing particular phone calls to individual Landing Page visits.

Integration features
VoIP crm
Link to your CRM

VoIPstudio is already integrated with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho.

Web hooks

Integration with Zapier means that you can link VoIPstudio with just a few simple zaps.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!