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Download our free VoIP phone service on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone now and start communicating right away! You’ll have full access to all our premium features during your free trial. That way, you can experiment with each feature and explore ways to use the system for your needs best. Our 30-day free trial gives you time to gather the information you need to make an informed decision about moving forward. There is no risk or obligation, and you can cancel at any time.

A Better Way to Connect

After your VoIP download, you’ll be able to quickly and easily integrate VoIPstudio into your daily business communications. Using a VoIP phone service provides a scalable solution to businesses of all sizes. You’ll be able to communicate with employees, partners, and clients in and out of the office via the internet from anywhere in the world. Empower employees to work remotely and keep in contact with their coworkers. You can talk, chat, or video conference without compromising clear communication. Check out our voice over IP rates to see which plan works best for you.

Download VoIP and get access to all these features and more

  • Enjoy premium VoIP PBX features such as a reception console, virtual numbers, call recording, and more
  • Communicate over the internet for free
  • Empower remote employees to stay connected with coworkers from anywhere in the world.
  • Call fixed and mobile lines at greatly reduced rates
  • Connect to our customer support 24/7 to port your number, make the switch, and maintain your VoIP phone system with ease
  • Get some of the lowest prices on the market from a 5-star VoIP provider (just check our customer reviews)
  • Stay connected with crystal-clear communication, our uptime record is 99.999%
  • To learn more about what VoIPstudio can do for you, read more on "What is VoIP?"

Desktop VoIP Download

Download our software-based phone and create your free account to make calls, chat, and enjoy premium features from your browser. The VoIPstudio desktop dashboard is a perfect business phone system and allows for full configuration with the ability to create/delete users, set up ring groups, configure and manage queues, set routing rules and a host of other features. Simply select your operating system to download VoIPstudio and start using it today.

Mobile VoIP Download

With the mobile app, you won’t need to invest in separate VoIP hardware. Simply download our mobile app and create your free account to make calls, chat, and enjoy premium features with your smartphone. The VoIPstudio mobile softphone works on any Android or iOS device from anywhere in the world, via cellular data or WiFi. Select your mobile operating system to download VoIPstudio. After getting the VoIP download, install the app, and create an account to start your 30-day free trial. You can be up and running in ten minutes or less.

Easily Integrate Your VoIP Phone Service

CTI Connector

The VoIP download for the CTI Connector allows for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) of a customer website or application. It can be used as a standalone component in almost any kind of environment that supports JavaScript.


The VoIP Studio Salesforce VoIP download is a plugin that allows inbound and outbound call handling directly from Salesforce CRM. You can easily select contacts to make VoIP calls from Salesforce. By opening client information on incoming VoIP calls, you always have the vital customer information you need when you need it.

SIP TAPI driver

SIP TAPI can be used for click to call from Outlook or any other TAPI enabled application. Integrate your desktop applications with VoIPstudio to streamline your workflow and handle calls more efficiently.

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