The Art Of Connecting: BT Launches Campaign To Promote Creative Use Of Technology

Posted on: 2014-05-20 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Services

The vast majority of UK businesses use technology in one form or another, but in many ways the country is not taking advantage of all the modern developments the world has to offer. Companies are not using technology creatively, at least according to BT, which has just launched a global campaign to encourage firms to do just that.

‘The art of connecting’ is about “how the creative use of technology can deliver stunning business outcomes”, according to the campaign’s website. BT wants to encourage companies to do four things: deliver a great performance, realise possibilities in the cloud, work in harmony and perform anywhere, all for of which require the innovative use of technology.

For example, delivering a great performance isn’t just about improving customer service and making sure your company is running quickly for the customer’s benefit. Those are essential aspects of business, but they need to be done in conjunction with network technologies in order to get the most out of them.

Similarly, to realise their possibilities in the cloud businesses need to make use of multiple applications to provide their customers with the best service possible. It is no longer enough to simply rely on one or two out-of-date programs, when the business world is so rapidly evolving.

Working in harmony is somewhat simpler, as it requires good communication between your employees. If your company has multiple departments that work on the same jobs, you need to make sure they are all aware of what the others are doing and are able to work together towards the same goal.

Making use of hosted VoIP is one of the best ways to ensure the different departments of your company aren’t working in a vacuum. Because calls between VoIP phones do not cost anything, it means your employees can call each other up to ensure they are working in tandem whenever they like, and you don’t have to worry about the bill.

VoIP is also a very useful technology for BT’s fourth point: being able to perform anywhere. So many businesses are mobile nowadays, in one way or another, and being able to stay in touch with employees is vital for this to be able to work. Otherwise, important pieces of information can get missed, potentially ruining your work.

Many services, such as VoIPstudio’s, provide a mobile client that your employees can download onto their smartphones. This means your employees can make and receive VoIP calls wherever they are, making it much easier to stay in contact with them. It is also much cheaper than having to pay to call mobile phones all the time.

Luis Alvarez, chief executive of BT Global Services, said: “Harnessing the possibilities in today’s world takes creativity and innovation. Today’s connected world offers unlimited possibilities to our customers to make creative connections leading to real business outcomes.”

Companies that want to stay on top of their game need to make the best use of technology that they can, in order to be a more efficient business that provides its customers with the best possible service. VoIP is one of many ways in which they can achieve this.