• Cisco SPA-PS

    US$ 13.50
    VoIP Phone Cisco SPA-PS

    Power Supplier (5V/2A) for Cisco and Snom

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  • Cisco SPA500DS

    US$ 100.00
    VoIP Phone Cisco SPA500DS

    The Cisco® SPA500DS is a 15 Button expansion keypade console and is part of the Cisco Small Business Series and has been specifically designed for

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  • Eartec 308 + 2.5mm adapter

    Includes RJ9 adapter for use with: Cisco SPA desk phones series and Siemens R650H DECT set.

    Eartec 308, 308D, 510 and

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  • Eartec EAR-308-RJ9

    US$ 70.50
    VoIP Phone Eartec EAR-308-RJ9

    Eartec 308 + RJ9 adapter

    Includes RJ9 adapter for use with: Yealink, Polycom, Snom, Sangoma, Grandstream, panasonic desk phones

    Eartec 308, 308D,

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  • Siemens PSU

    US$ 9.50
    VoIP Phone Siemens PSU

    Siemens Dect Base Power

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  • Snom Ext Module

    US$ 141.36
    VoIP Phone Snom Ext Module

    With the snom 320, 360 and 370 Expansion Module, your snom has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who

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  • Snom Handset

    US$ 15.88
    VoIP Phone Snom Handset

    Standard spare Snom handset for use with 320/360/370.

    Please note that the Standard Spare Snom Handset does NOT include the Curly

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  • The foot stand gives the phone a new look and lifts the phone up upright, providing its users a clear view of the phone.

    With the foot stand you do

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  • Snom PSU

    US$ 14.65
    VoIP Phone Snom PSU

    5v Power Supply for Snom 3xx

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