The range of available DECT Phones

that will improve the functionality of VoIP calls

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  • Siemens A690HX

    US$ 39.00
    Image of Siemens A690HX

    The Gigaset A690HX DECT handset replaces the popular A540H. Featuring a 2" graphical display, the A690HX is compatible with both the N300IP and [Read more].

    100 in stock

  • Siemens N510IP

    US$ 73.50
    Image of Siemens N510IP

    The N510IP PRO IP DECT base station forms part of the Gigaset PRO range for small to medium businesses. The N510 IP PRO supports a wide range of [Read more].

    100 in stock

  • Siemens R650H

    US$ 120.00
    Image of Siemens R650H

    The Gigaset R650H PRO handset is dust and waterproof according to IP65 standards as well as the added benefit of shock resistance. This makes it the [Read more].

    100 in stock

  • Yealink W56H

    US$ 108.00
    Image of Yealink W56H

    The Yealink W56H is an additional cordless/DECT handset which is compatible with the W56P, W52P and W60P IP DECT solutions. Up to 5 W56H handsets (up [Read more].

    100 in stock

  • Yealink W60P

    US$ 152.50
    Image of Yealink W60P

    The Yealink W60P SIP cordless phone system combines quality, reliability and flexibility to offer users a scalable, efficient communications system. [Read more].

    100 in stock

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