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Integrations - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Figure 17.3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Note: instructions below apply only to self hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 / 2013. Office 365 version is not supported.

Click2Call link handler

Click2call link handler

Figure 17.4 Click2call link handler

First step in the integration process is to install Click2Call link handler:

1. Download and install Click2Call link handler

2. Enter your VoIPstudio email and password

3. Click Save button


MS Dynamics click to call customization

Figure 17.5 MS Dynamics click to call customization

4. Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your web browser and go to Contacts tab

5. Open any of your contacts

6. Go to Customize tab

7. Click Form icon

MS Dynamics upload JS file

Figure 17.6 MS Dynamics upload JS file

8. Click From Properties icon

9. Click Add button in Form Libraries panel

10. Click New button in Look Up Record window

11. Enter click2call into Name field

12. Select Script (JScript) in Language drop down list

13. Download web resource file, decompress it and upload into Web Resource form.

14. Click Save and Close button

MS Dynamics telephone handler

Figure 17.7 MS Dynamics telephone handler

15. Click Add button in Event Handers form

16. Enter click2call into Function field

17. Enter "telephone1","telephone2","telephone3" into Parameters field

18. Click OK button.

MS Dynamics publish customization

Figure 17.8 MS Dynamics publish customization

19. Click Save button

20. Click Publish button

Test Call

MS Dynamics test call

Figure 17.9 MS Dynamics test call

21. Double click telephone number in contact form

22. Click Allow in external application confirmation dialog (you will only need to do this once). Your VoIPstudio phone will start ringing. Once you pickup it will connect to a number from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact form.

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