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Integrations - SageACT!

Below you will find instructions hot to enable Click to Call functionality in Sage ACT! Pro software.

First you will need to add SIP TAPI driver to your system as explained in our Manual here

Next open Sage ACT! application and follow steps below.


Sage ACT! Click to Call configuration

Figure 17.19 Sage ACT! Click to Call configuration
  1. Go to Tools -> Preferences... menu.
  2. In Communications tab click Dialer Preferences...
  3. Enable Use dialer.
  4. Select SIP TAPI for click2dial as Modem or line
  5. Click OK button.

Test Call

Now restart Sage ACT! software and perform test call as shown below:

Sage ACT! Click to Call

Figure %IMG_SAGE_CALL Sage ACT! Click to Call
  1. Go to Contacts -> Phone Contact... menu.
  2. Select number you want to dial and click Dial button.
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