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16. Network configuration

IP Addresses

If your network is protected by firewall which restrict outbound traffic please ensure you allow the following addresses and ports combinations:

North and South America, Asia and Oceania:

  • Ports TCP/UDP 443, 5060, 5566 (SIP Signaling):
  • Ports UDP 10000-65000 (RTP Audio):,,,

Europe and Africa:

  • Ports TCP/UDP 443, 5060, 5566 (SIP Signaling):
  • Ports UDP 10000-65000 (RTP Audio):,,,

Note: although normally your SIP endpoints will be assigned to one of the locations above (based on your geographical location) in unlikely even of one of VoIPstudio data centres becoming unavailable your traffic will be redirected to the other location (via automated SIP fail over mechanism). It is therefore important to allow traffic to all above listed IP addresses.

Router configuration and SIP ALG

SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) is common feature in many commercial routers.
Many routers have this SIP ALG turned on by default.
This should be disabled as may induce following issues:

  • Lack of incoming calls
  • One way audio issues
  • Break Sip signalling
Figure 16.1 Zyxel VMG8324-B10A

‚Äč* To disable SIP ALG in Zyxel please apply this link

Figure 16.2 Huwawei HG6596


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