Receptionist Manual

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2. Quick Start


Login form

Figure 2.1 Login form.

To login into the control panel navigate your web browser to and enter your email address into field (1) and password into filed (2). Optionally you can select "Remember me on this computer" checkbox (3) to have your email address saved. Finally click Login button (4) and once Control Panel is loaded click Reception (5) button in the top right corner.

Reception Console overview

Reception console

Figure 2.2 Reception console.
  1. Receptionist console - shows status of reception phone.
  2. User panels - show status of user's phones.
  3. Ring Group panel - shows status of Ring Groups.
  4. Conference panels - show status of all available virtual Conference Rooms.
  5. Call parking panel - allows to park / pickup inbound calls.
  6. Click this bar to show contacts panel.
  7. Click this icon to view contact details.
  8. Click this icon to call contact via Click2Call function.

Call transfer

Call transfer

Figure 2.3 Call transfer.

To transfer a call drag and drop onto idle telephone line panel .

Transfer to Voicemail

Transfer to Voicemail

Figure 2.4 Transfer to Voicemail.

To transfer an incoming call straight into voicemail box, drag and drop onto envelope icon.

Transfer to Conference Room

Transfer to Conference Room

Figure 2.5 Transfer to Conference Room.

To transfer an incoming call straight into a Conference Room, drag and drop onto Conference panel.

Call Parking

Call Parking

Figure 2.6 Call Parking.

To park a call drag and drop onto Parking panel. A three digit long parking number will be allocated to this call (starting with 801). To pickup parked call dial this three digit number on any phone.

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