8. Contacts

Contacts panel

Figure 8.1 Contacts panel.

Use Contacts panel to make phone calls to your friends and co-workers. To make a phone call click telephone icon below Contact's name - see (1) in the figure 8.1 above.

Add contact

Add contact

Figure 8.2 Add contact.

To add a Contact click Add button located in top right corner of Contacts panel - see (1) in the figure 8.2 above. Fill in the form (2) providing your contact details and click Add button (3).

Edit contact

Edit contact

Figure 8.3 Edit contact.

To edit a Contact click on the icon (1) located on the left of Contact's name. Fill in the form (2) providing updated details and click Update (3) button.

Import contacts

Import contacts

Figure 8.4 Import contacts.

To import many contacts at once click gear icon gear.png in top right corner of Contacts panel - see (1) in the figure 8.4 above. Select a .CSV file (2) with your contacts and click Upload and Continue button (3). Review details of your contacts and click Confirm and Continue to add all your contacts.

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