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5. Voicemail

Voicemail panel

Figure 5.1 Voicemail panel.

Here you can listen to your voicemail and archive or delete your messages.

  1. Click to Open Menu and change folders.
  2. Click to Archive selected Voicemail messages, any Archived messages will appear in Archived Folder.
  3. Click to Delete selected Voicemail messages, any deleted messages will appear in Deleted Folder.
  4. Click Gear Icon to open additional options.
  5. Opens Voicemail announcement menu to change messages played to caller.
  6. Opens Remote access menu to access voicemail from outside VoIPstudio Network.
  7. Click play button to listen to message via Browser or click Save button to download message to local device.

To access your voicemail from VoIPstudio phone please dial #445 - you will have the following options.

1. Listen to your messages
   2. Call back the person who left the message
   3. Play message envelope
   4. Previous message
   5. Repeat current message
   6. Next message
   8. Delete current message
   9. Save current message
   *. Return to the main menu
   #. Quit voicemail

2. Change folder to:
   4. New messages
   5. Old messages
   6. Saved messaged 

0. Record you unavailable message
   #. Stop recording
   1. Accept the recording
   2. Listen to recording
   3. Record again

#. Quit voicemail


Voicemail announcements

Figure 5.2 Voicemail announcements.

To change your voicemail announcement click gear icon gear.png in top right corner of Voicemail panel - see (2) in the figure 5.1 above - and select Announcements from the menu. Here you can upload your own MP3 file which will be used as your custom announcement.

You can also change your voicemail announcemnt by dialling FIXME

Remote access

Voicemail remote access

Figure 5.3 Voicemail remote access.

To change your voicemail password (required for remote access to your messages) click gear icon gear.png in top right corner of Voicemail panel - see (2) in the figure 5.1 above - and select Remote access from the menu. Here you can change your four digits long password.

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