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Examining the new Google VoIP Service

Businesses looking to upgrade to VoIP have a plethora of choices. VoIP service providers have plans that cater to households, small businesses, and larger corporations. Most entrepreneurs and small businesses cannot afford expensive solutions. Many of them try to make do with free services when the business is still small. Google Voice is one such…

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Hosted vs On-Premise VoIP – Which is Better for Security?

The debate between hosted versus on-premise VoIP systems continues to this day. Each type of system has its own pros and cons and there is no perfect solution that will work for every single business out there. It is more about finding the solution that meets your specific requirements at that particular time. But that…

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Integrating VoIP with Other Applications

Integration is a buzzword when it comes to VoIP. Organizations are always interested in doing more with less and that applies to technology as well. If your company has already deployed VoIP and employees are comfortable with the new system, the next step is exploring what more you can do with it. You can test…

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