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How Does a VoIP Intercom Work? Can You Benefit?

With the widespread use of VoIP technology, certain older features have fallen by the wayside. A good example is faxing with more companies switching to VoIP enabled digital faxes. Intercom calls are another. Intercom systems were widely used at one time, though they’re not restricted to specific use cases. But for companies that need this…

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How to manage Queue Agents via REST API

In this post we will show how to use VoIPstudio REST API to make all Agents join or leave selected Queue. Normally Agents can join or leave the queue by dialling service code #423* or #424* respectively or using Softphone settings panel. However in some situations it might be beneficial to automate this process by…

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Customized Call Forwarding Rules with VoIP

Hosted VoIP technology offers many benefits for enterprises such as lowering monthly costs and providing a flexible phone system. But there are many hidden benefits waiting to be explored by organizations and their users. The technology offers quite a few features that might be hidden but can make a big impact. Advanced Call Routing VoIP…

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