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Why Voice Over IP is the Future of Tour Operators

In the hustle and bustle of the travel and tourism industry, there are a lot of factors that tour operators have to consider. From booking flights and hotel accommodations, negotiating ticket packages, planning trip itineraries, to coordinating and connecting the travelers with the right […]

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Hosted VoIP – No Need for an In-House VoIP Department

For a business looking to upgrade to VoIP, there are usually two options. The first choice is to opt for SIP trunking. The second alternative is hosted VoIP. Both choices have pros and cons, so […]

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HIPAA Compliance and VoIP Meaning: How They Work Together for Medical Professionals

Telephone usage is under HIPAA (Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act) jurisdiction, which means VoIP’s meaning and purpose just expanded into the medical world. Sharing information over an Internet network instantly is a regular occurrence, and the type of […]

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