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4. Getting Help

Help panel

Figure 4.1 Help panel.
  1. Click to Open new support ticket.

Submit ticket

Submit support ticket window

Figure 4.2 Submit support ticket window.

To submit a ticket click "Submit ticket" button located in Help panel - see figure 9.1. Next select your ticket type, from the drop down list (1) and enter details of your problem into text area (2). Finally click Submit button (3).

View your tickets

Your tickets window

Figure 4.3 Your tickets window.

To view your tickets click gear icon gear.png located in top right corner of Help panel. Next select ticket-menu.png from the context menu. To view history of all messages, click ticket ID link (1).

Reply to ticket

Ticket reply window

Figure 4.4 Ticket reply window.

To post a new message click Reply link - see (2) in figure 8.3. Next enter content of your reply into text area (1) and click Reply button (1). Once you are satisfied with the solution provided by support team, you can close your ticket by clicking Close link - see (3) in figure 9.3.

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