Affiliate Manual

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2. Quick Start

Log in

To login into the Affiliate Portal navigate your web browser to and follow steps described below.

Login form

Figure 2.1 Login form.

The login process involves two steps. First you need to enter your email address into field (1), password into filed (2) and click Continue button (3).

User Interface overview

Affiliate Portal dashboard

Figure 2.2 Affiliate Portal dashboard.
  1. Main Menu panel - here you can manage all settings related to your Account and Customers.
  2. Referral Link - Provide this link on your Website or to prospects to have them connected to your account automatically.
  3. Data grid - Provides a summary of Sales and Commission.
  4. Marketing Materials - Materials to download and use for Marketing.

Affiliate Portal customers list

Figure 2.3 Affiliate Portal customers list.
  1. Select Menu Item to view more details.
  2. Click Customer number to open contextual menu to apply filter.
  3. Additional controls to refresh or clear filter.
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