Snom 300

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VoIP Phone Snom 300

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The snom PoE 300 is the base model of the snom business telephone range and fulfils the most important requirements of VoIP telephony whilst offering numerous functions that are indispensable in the business world.For efficient and effective day-to-day work, the snom PoE 300 provides all important office functions such as choice of trunk line, status display, group lines, the engaged option or picking up calls.When it comes to user friendliness, the snom PoE 300 sets new standards: A two-line graphical LCD display enables the display of call information, and the menu-driven user interface provides the simplest of feature management. Via the navigation key, the user is guided intuitively through the telephone menu. More complex telephone functions, call details and configuration possibilities are accessible via the browser over the connected PC.The snom 300 is designed for different environments: for small offices, call centers, lobbies, recreation rooms, or in the home. It fits into its environment without any troubles. Through numerous telephone functions, the demands of everyday office communication can be easily managed. The snom 300 has a headset connection and can be used as a freestanding or wall-mounted model.## Features - Two-line display (2 x 16 characters) - 27 keys, 7 LEDs - 6 programmable function keys - 2 Ethernet ports - 2 multi-line registration, or option of 6 - Headset connection
[Data Sheet](/pdf/phone/Snom/300/Datasheet.pdf)[Quick Install](/pdf/phone/Snom/300/Quick-Install.pdf)[Quick Start](/pdf/phone/Snom/300/Quick-Start.pdf)[User Manual](/pdf/phone/Snom/300/User-Manual.pdf)

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