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Third party softphones - Grandstream Wave Lite

  • IMPORTANT NOTE - only Grandstream Wave Lite is compatible with our service

In order to set up Grandstream Wave Lite with VoIPstudio, please download installation package from Apple Store or Android Store and follow the instructions below:


Figure 10.1 Grandstream Wave Lite iPhone and Android set up.
  1. To Start select settings.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Select + to add new account.
  4. Select SIP account.
  5. Enter Any Descriptive Title.
  6. Enter Domain Provided on VoIPstudio control Panel.
  7. Enter 6 Digit SIP User name provided on VoIPstudio control Panel.
  8. Enter Password Generated on VoIPstudio control Panel.
  9. Enter #445 to easily access voice mail.
  10. Select ‚úď to complete configuration and register the account.
  11. Go Back to settings and select the newly created account then remove Use # as Dial Key