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Automatic Calling From Salesforce

VoIP phone service background

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is its ability to integrate easily with other enterprise applications, thanks to its roots in IP technology.

A number of businesses make the transition to VoIP from analogue phone systems partly due to the potential for integration and finally, some providers are answering the call.

With Salesforce being the most popular CRM tool, it is only a matter of time before VoIP providers started offering deeper integration between the two.

The connection between VoIP and Salesforce

A CRM tool is the lifeline of many departments within a company – from sales and customer support to accounting. Salesforce allows service agents and sales teams to consolidate customer information in a comprehensive database so that the data can be used to make better decisions, close contracts and serve customers more effectively.

Integrating VoIPstudio with Salesforce allows employees to make calls and record customer interactions directly within the application itself. It reduces the need to switch between multiple windows, increasing efficiency.

A customer service agent can see the history of all previous customer interactions before initiating a call or after receiving one. In the same vein, salespeople will be able to attach notes directly to a call without having to open another application.

Implementing automatic calling from within Salesforce offers more benefits than is apparent at first glance such as:

1. Fewer Mistakes

Dialing the wrong number or reaching the wrong executive can prove to be an embarrassment at best and a costly mistake at worst for the company.

Being able to automatically dial contacts present in Salesforce significantly reduces the probability of errors. It saves time and allows employees to focus on more productive interactions.

2. Comprehensive Notes

Generally employees are required to record customer interactions after the call is completed. Quite often delays between making the call and recording it can lead to missing or erroneous information.

When the phone system is directly integrated with Salesforce, customer support incidents can be logged immediately for better accuracy.

3. Consolidated Customer History

Not all customer interactions take place over the business phone and it can be difficult to compile multi channel incidents in one place.

Initiating calls from within the Salesforce application means that an up to date to record of voice calls, voicemail, agent notes, contact details etc. is available in a single place.

4. Presence Information and Call Transfer

When making a call through Salesforce, a customer or sales agent can easily view if their colleague is available before transferring a customer to them. Similarly, it becomes possible for employees to transfer the entire workspace – including chat history, the call itself as well as other related information such as account details – that can significantly improve the customer experience.

5. Customer analytics

Consolidating the phone system with the Salesforce CRM can allow management to track user metrics more efficiently. Sales performance, customer support experiences and other employee metrics can be easily tracked from a single dashboard in real-time.

CRM tools allow employees to concentrate on the selling process instead of writing down notes or remembering contact details. Integrating the VoIP system with Salesforce can enable even more streamlined customer management processes.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!