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More Bang for the Buck with VoIP Software Integration

VoIP phone service background

What makes VoIP attractive to enterprises? Some say it is the low price of voice calling or the need for zero upfront investment. Others point to the extensive list of features or global reach that VoIP enables. The real answer is all of the above and then some.

Most businesses hear about VoIP and are interested in saving on their monthly phone bills. Once they wade in and start using it, they start to appreciate the advanced functionality and flexibility. Then they start thinking about what else you can do with a technology that treats voice like any other piece of data on the internet.

Software Integration

VoIP systems are not the only enterprise software out there. In fact, most companies have a plethora of systems in place when they switch over to VoIP. CRM software, accounting applications, sales tracking systems, project management tools and the list goes on. But not all of them talk to each other. Software integration is fast becoming the holy grail of enterprise systems and VoIP is joining the party.

What kind of software integration can bring you more value for your investment in VoIP technology? Chances are that whatever you’re thinking of, some company out there is making it. Here’s what you can do today:

CRM Integration

Quite probably one of the earliest integrations with VoIP, CRM software is a great fit for voice communication systems. Sales and customer support are often the biggest users of voice calling by volume in a company. Integrating the phones with CRM software – Salesforce was among the early adopters in the field – is a no brainer when you think about it.

All your customer information is in one place. Yet you have to use another application or device to call them. After the call, the agent has to remember to update the customer record. If they didn’t write down the information, you’re relying on their memory of events and details. Connecting VoIP and CRM apps gives you twice the benefits. Call your customers from inside the software with a single click. Automatically add interaction logs based on the phone and append notes later on. Less work for your staff and more time for them to focus on the important tasks.

Project Management Integration

Project teams communicate over a variety of channels. But voice still plays a crucial role in collaboration. Project management software helps you stay on schedule and streamline processes. But how to counter unexpected changes? How do you bring a new team member up to speed without slowing down everyone else? What happens to work if someone leaves the team or the company itself?

Integrating with the phone system can help you document project milestones, tasks and progress effortlessly. You can save and store phone conversations for reviewing later. You have a repository of data that you can share with anyone, anytime. Update the new co-worker even as other team members get on with their jobs.

Email Integration

Email is perhaps the biggest time sink for employees. People often spend hours replying to emails, following up on voicemails or answering phones during the day. Your business contact information in the email client but not on your phones. Your voicemail uses a different system altogether. Why not bring everything together under one roof?

You can connect your VoIP system with whatever email client you use in the office. Get your voicemail delivered straight to your inbox or make calls from your email application. Download transcribed voicemails as an attachment or save them to the cloud. The possibilities for improving efficiency are endless.

Website Integration

Web browsers and IP standards are improving by leaps and bounds. WebRTC and related technologies can bring voice to your browser. How can your business benefit? Your company – like everyone else – displays the contact information on your homepage, social media sites and anywhere else you have an online presence. Why not let your customers call you directly, without having to note down the number and picking up the phone?

You can bring click to call functionality to your website with VoIP and WebRTC. Let your customers connect with you instantly. Do they have a problem with your service or are they looking to purchase something? Direct them automatically to the right person or department via IVR. All with a browser and an Internet connection. Your customers will appreciate it!

These are a few example of what software integration can do for your business. As you use VoIP more, you might come up with custom integrations of your own. The sky’s the limit when it comes to innovation in VoIP. It’s clear that VoIP will expand into areas beyond the original function of voice calling. It will become the pillar around which businesses develop their communication strategies.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!