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VoIP Conference Calls

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VoIP Conference Calls
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Making the transition to VoIP can result in substantial cost savings for any organization but cost-effectiveness is not the only reason to switch away from analog systems. Since VoIP is IP-based technology, it can enable a whole host of new features that can be valuable to an enterprise operating in the global environment.

Although VoIP has little in common with PSTN networks, many of the features that were common to conventional PBX systems can also be implemented via VoIP. In fact, they can be implemented more effectively and efficiently by utilizing modern technology. One such feature is conference calling.

Advantages of conference calls

Any business that has employees/offices in more than one location has probably utilized conference calling at least once. It reduces the need (and associated expenses) for employees to travel just to have project meetings. Even more importantly, using conference calling saves time especially when teams are scattered across the country or the world.

Conference calling is not restricted to just employees and managers either. It can be used to contact customers, suppliers, partners or any other entity that the business works with. Problems can be resolved and issues sorted out with just a couple of calls rather than having to wait for all participants to be free for one meeting.

How does VoIP make it better?


Though conference calling is not by any means an exotic/advanced feature, setting it up and actually using it was rarely a one step process. It usually involved purchasing the services from a third-party vendor and required substantial investment in the physical infrastructure. No wonder that small and medium businesses rarely utilized it, leaving it to larger organizations. Cloud PBX makes it inexpensive enough for any business to use since there is no separate infrastructure required. Conference calls are routed through the same data network as normal VoIP calls.

Unlimited calls/minutes

VoIP also makes conference calls more efficient. The data packets are compressed so that more participants can be supported without the need to upgrade any equipment. Quite a few vendors include conference calling in most VoIP subscription plans and generally do not have an upper limit on the number of minutes or calls.

Video calling and mobile

VoIP adds more advanced features to conference calls such as the ability to include video or messaging, share presentations for online training sessions and include participants using mobile clients. Such features were once unheard of or exorbitantly priced, out of reach for most companies. With VoIP, adding these features rarely costs much and are often bundled on the premium plans for free.

Quick and easy setup

Older generation conference tools required preparation and advance notice for a productive call. With VoIP, setting up a conference call requires no more than a few minutes. Inviting people is as simple as sharing the short link or giving them an access number to call. It speeds up the process of decision-making especially when it requires collaboration between multiple teams, departments or offices.

Easy-to-use and advanced conference calling features are just one of the many benefits of switching over to VoIP. Most organizations regard VoIP to be a necessary utility rather than a technological luxury.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

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