Does A Large Company Really Have To Have A Complex Telephone System?

Posted on: 2015-01-23 | Categories: Business VoIP

If you work as an IT or Telecom specialist in a large company you know that telecommunication systems can be difficult to maintenance and upgrade.Spending hours on maintaining or upgrading existing PBX systems is a hard work that requires a lot of time and labour. What if you do not have any time to spare?

Consider a Hosted PBX solution

Cloud based PBX are easy to operate and no ongoing maintenance is necessary . The transformation from a hardware based installation with over 250 extensions can be completed in a matter of hours. The best part is that you do not have to pay for any more expensive PBX’s.

Multiple locations is not a problem

Hosted PBX can be used in many locations and all calls inside the company are free, even if your branches are in other countries. You do not even have to visit other locations to install or setting up. By using a Cloud Hosted PBX system you can chose to use international extension in one location or local extensions for calls abroad, or both.

Advantages of Cloud Hosted PBX:

  • You do not need any new equipment
  • Your system can be set up in minutes
  • You can Pay as You grow
  • You can manage a number of extension and users easly
  • You can reduce call costs by up to 50 per cent

Hosted PBX allows you to adapt your telephone set-up to changes in the market

Large corporations with complex telecommunication solutions can have problems with adapting to fast changes in the market. By using VoIP you can convert your telecom system in a matter of minutes. On-premise PBX infrastructure is expensive to maintain and needs to be serviced.

Do you want to reduce expensive hardware to minimum? If so, it is time to move to Cloud Hosted PBX. No more cables and no more maintenance is needed. You don’t even have to sign a long term contract. And the best part is that all advanced software is in the cloud, which means that all you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go.

Using hosted PBX is the most flexible solution for businesses located all over the world.