Easy Access To Client Details On An Inbound Call

Posted on: 2015-05-21 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP

As more businesses continue to adopt VoIP, it is becoming apparent that VoIP – in its current form – is only the tip of the iceberg. This latest innovation in communication technology has the potential to radically change the way businesses think of certain functions such as CRM. Since VoIP is IP-based, it is conceivable that other enterprise tools can be integrated to enhance the core value.

The attempts by some VoIP vendors to integrate the popular enterprise management tool Salesforce with their VoIP offerings is a portend of more things to come. Salesforce integration can help many departments that need to interact with clients – whether habitually or on a one-off basis.

Customer service agents and sales teams can record all interactions in one place even if it was originally scattered over different channels such as voice, chat or email. In turn, a detailed log can help technical personnel when it comes to troubleshooting bugs and problems.

Easy Access To Client Details

Before VoIP, employees often had to juggle multiple windows when handling customer calls. It was often necessary to ask for account numbers or other identification from clients before the respective account details can be pulled up.

Having to provide details once is irritating enough for most clients but sometimes, they are asked to repeat the same details over and over again as they are handed off from one agent to another or to a supervisor.

When VoIP software and Salesforce are integrated, it enhances the customer experience by minimizing the number of hoops a client has to go through before getting the help they need. They don’t have to be put on hold while an employee hunts up the relevant details in a separate application.

Inbound calls already have the account details displayed, provided the phone number is the same as the one provided in the database. For organizations working with business clients, multiple numbers can be attached to the same account so that the client can be helped no matter which executive is calling.

For Technical And Customer Support

Technical support teams can easily access the relevant details even as the call comes in because the system has already identified the account associated with the particular phone number.

Resolving technical issues with complex software can be a long and arduous process, especially when it takes place over the phone. Anything that can ease the process for a client – even something as small as not having to repeatedly provide account details – can be worth implementing.

For Sales Associates

Enhancing the process of interacting with the customer is even more crucial for sales departments. Securing contracts from potential customers or retaining existing clients can be tricky and there is certainly no need to make the process even more difficult by adding unnecessary obstacles.

When employees do not have to worry about mundane and routine details, they are able to focus more on effectively selling services to customers.

A positive customer experience may be the crucial aspect differentiating a successful business from the competition and VoIP systems can aid an organization not only in this area but many others.