Fiber-To-The-Home In Use For VoIP

Posted on: 2015-02-19 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Services VoIP Technology

Fiber-to-the-home is gaining popularity all over the world, which means that more people can use faster broadband. It all started in the United States, where FTTH is getting more and more popular. , Now, Internet Service Providers everywhere are doing what they can to provide faster internet connections to their customers.

Slow internet connections are now a thing of the past as we are offered faster and faster broadband daily. It is very easy to become a user of Fire Lines, which offers a multitude of options for internet usage.

In UK, internet speeds are up to 152Mbps, which leaves plenty room for VoIP extensions that can be used by small companies. This offers the opportunity to move from copper based PBX’es to Cloud hosted ones.

But why you could consider changing your telecom provider?

1. No more hardware problems, as all of your hardware functions has moved to the cloud. This way you will not have to worry about hardware costs.

2. You do not need to purchase any new equipment

3. It is easy to implement – installing VoIP in your company is both fast and cheap

4. Cheaper calls – with VoIP you can reduce your call costs by 50%

5. Pay as you grow – order only as many extensions as you need right now, and expand when you need to

6. Reliable solution – VoIP technology is as reliable as regular telephony for making phonecalls

Faster internet connections allow more phone numbers to be added easily, which means that you do not have to wait for new land lines to be attached to your office. You can use as many extensions as you need, Which offers flexibility and allows faster and more dynamic growth of your company in the future.

Fiber-to-the-home for VoIP usage means that:

  • more calls can be made spontaneously
  • several extensions can be used with one fibre line
  • conference calls that include more participants
  • fibre lines are used as phone lines

Advantages of Cloud PBX

By moving all your phone lines to the cloud you can manage and use them more efficiently. It allows you to control and monitor international extensions and can provides your company with new phone numbers much faster. The dedicated web panel is an easy to use tool for tracking your organisations phone traffic.

Some features of VoIPstudio hosted PBX include:

  • International Virtual Numbers in more than 4000 cities
  • Conference Calling, which allows you to conduct a voice meeting with participants all over the world
  • ACD Queues that automatically distributes phone calls to a specific group of agents
  • Time Based Routing, which adjusts your hosted PBX to your office work hours