How To Configure Cisco 79xx Phone With VoIPstudio

Posted on: 2013-03-11 | Categories: VoIP VoIP Technology VoIPstudio News

Cisco 7960G phone

Please follow steps below to configure Cisco 79xx series phone with VoIPstudio service.

Note: instructions below will only work for phones with SIP firmware. If your phone uses Callmanager (SCCP) firmware, please follow instruction here to convert it to SIP.

  1. Download and extract to c:\TFTP-Root
  2. Go to your VoIPstudio admin panel and open Profile window – see (2) in screenshot below.user profile window
  3. Open Cisco79xx-Default.cnf and SIP__MAC__.CNF files in text estudior.Cisco 79xx Config files
  4. Replace __SIP_DOMAIN__ as shown below.
  5. Replace __SIP_USERNAME__ as shown below.
  6. Replace __SIP_PASSWORD__as shown below.
    Cisco 79xx Config Files
  7. Save both .CNF files and rename SIP__MAC__.CNF replacing __MAC__ with Mac address of your Cisco phone which can be found printed on the label on the back of the device.
  8. Download, install and run Solar Winds TFTP Server
  9. Power up your Cisco phone, wait till it boots up and press Settings button.
  10. Navigate to 9. Unlock configCisco 79xx Unlock
  11. Enter cisco as password and press Accept.Cisco 79xx Password
  12. Navigate to 3. Network ConfigurationCisco 79xx Network Configuration
  13. Go to option 7 TFTP Server press Edit and enter IP address of a PC which is running Solar Winds TFTP Server, press Accept next Save and BackCisco 79xx TFTP
  14. Reboot your phone. After a short while you should see in Solar Winds TFTP Server console window your Cisco phone downloading configuration files. Next the phone will register on VoIPstudio network and you will be able to start making and receiving calls.
    Solar Winds TFTP Server