How Does VoIP Call Pickup Work?

Posted on: 2015-09-01 | Categories: Business VoIP Solutions VoIP VoIP Services VoIP Technology

Call pickup is one of the most basic features that is included in every business class phone service, whether it is an analog system or VoIP network.

This feature allows an employee to answer a call that is ringing on another device, which may be on a different extension or line. It can be incredibly useful in many circumstances which is perhaps why it is offered by most VoIP services as well.

As with most other hosted VoIP features, VoIP call pickup can be turned on or off through the online dashboard along with most other settings. However the way this feature is configured differs from provider to provider.

A prerequisite for call pickup to work is that the particular device has to support the option. Every VoIP phone from every manufacturer will not support this although most do.

The sequence to pick up a call varies between providers but often involves some combination of the star symbol, a few digits or the particular extension number.

VoIP Call Pickup – Allow and Bllock List

The basic difference between the two is whether call pickup is enabled or disabled by default. Some providers allow users to set up a list of extensions that are allowed to pick up calls from other devices.

This means that call pickup is disabled by default and has to be enabled on certain extensions. Conversely other vendors enable this feature by default and allow users to set up block lists which specify which extensions cannot pick up calls from other devices.

Some vendors offer more granular settings whereby access to call pickup is more strictly defined. As an example, the company can set up rules to ensure that only the secretary can answer a manager’s phone.

The call pickup feature is useful to ensure that calls are always answered by someone, even if the particular employee is not at his desk. Of course, if the call is not picked up by any extension it can be directed to a voicemail box as usual.

Group Call Pickup

Group called pickup is an advanced feature that is offered by many service providers. It allows all incoming calls to a particular group of numbers to be directed to a single extension or a few different devices.

This can be incredibly useful in situations where the office is understaffed for any reason – building renovation, holiday season etc.

The call pickup feature can be combined with others such as call waiting to ensure that customers always talk with an employee instead of having to leave a message.

For instance, an office may have multiple lines for the customer service department but only two representatives to answer the phones on a particular day. Instead of having employees run from desk to desk to answer calls, they can pick up calls made to other devices from their own phones.

The call pickup feature can also be enabled only for a specific group of devices, allowing salespeople to only answer extensions in their own department and not from any other phone.

The settings can be configured, deleted and modified as necessary. Some vendors also offer detailed call logs and records for later analysis by the business.