Integrating VoIP With Salesforce

Posted on: 2014-02-25 | Categories: Business VoIP Business VoIP Solutions VoIP VoIP Technology

Salesforce’s programs have become some of the most widely-used products in the business world. Its flagship sales and customer relationship management (CRM) applications are enabling companies all over the globe to connect with their clients and consumers, and keep track of their habits.

However, an issue many businesses have is that some VoIP products do not integrate well with the program. This can be a major problem. In very sales-focused companies, employees can spend the vast majority of their working day switching between Salesforce and VoIP applications, and if that switch isn’t as smooth as possible, then time will be wasted.

This lost time might not be much, only a few seconds per customer. However, in businesses with many employees and even more clients this can add up to a significant amount, which can have serious impacts on a company’s productivity.

For example, if each switch from Salesforce to VoIP takes two seconds, and each worker takes an average of 60 calls per day, that amounts to two minutes of lost time per employee. In a business with just 20 employees, that’s 40 wasted minutes per day, or three hours and 20 minutes per week. Over a year, that office would lose over seven days.

These figures are very conservative estimates that do not take into account busier employees, or ones that are not able to transition between the applications as efficiently. A successful company needs to be as efficient as possible, and this means all of its programs need to be well-integrated.

Luckily, VoIP Studio’s products are all fully-integratable with Salesforce applications. This means employees can click on a contact’s phone number directly from a Salesforce program, and immediately initiate a call. This cuts out the vast majority of the wasted time.

Furthermore, the integrated VoIP means that if a client calls an employee, the incoming call will allow that person to open up the associated contact in Salesforce immediately, with no messing around. They can even add a new lead if it is an unrecognised phone number.

By integrating VoIP with Salesforce, companies can get a lot more out of both products while enabling their business to run a lot smoother.