Multiple Office PBX System. What Is The Best Solution?

Posted on: 2014-11-07 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Services VoIP Technology

Many international companies struggle to provide unified communications across multiple locations, due largely to the lack of simple & cost effective solutions able to connect the multiple branches of a company within one business telephone system.

A hosted PBX system offers a complete and flexible solution to this problem for multi-location enterprises.

All colleagues are local.

One of biggest advantages of hosted PBX is that all extensions work as though they are local. The distance between offices does not matter, enabling you to call or transfer any call to your colleagues completely free of charge by using a simple 4 digit extension.

Time based call routing.

Cloud PBX systems enable you to rotate your calls at different hours, giving you the ability to cover absences or time differences between locations. This means if one branch is closed all calls can be automatically routed to another location anywhere in the world, completely free of charge. The setup is simple and can be changed at anytime.

One provider

With a hosted PBX system your business will be completely independent from local Telecommunication Companies. Telephone lines are provided by one operator and there is no need for multiple contracts or complicated billing reconciliations.

No IT team needed in each branch.

Businesses are often not able to provide full time local IT support for their smaller branches. Cloud PBX systems are built to allow centralised management and minimise local maintenance. Phones are shipped preconfigured and need only to be connected to the internet. And thanks to VoIPstudio’s auto-provisioning, reconfiguration is possible directly from company headquarters.

Simple central management

Billing and call logs are consolidated and available anywhere within the company. Call recordings are available for designated users and may be uploaded automatically to one centralised FTP server within the organisation. Hosted PBX gives unparalleled flexibility of communication management and supervision.

Businesses can take an instant advantage of all the benefits above and many more. Contact our friendly team to unify your company communication to the highest industry standards without breaking the bank.