MyDivert is closing – port your numbers to VoIPstudio!

Posted on: 2019-09-25 | Categories: VoIP VoIP Phones

You may have heard the news that MyDivert is closing down, but this doesn’t have to spell disaster for their current customers. A key concern during the process of switching phone service providers is – can I keep my number? Sign up for a VoIPstudio phone service and bring your numbers with you!

It’s not surprising that many people are reluctant to change their phone numbers. After all, your friends and family members know this number already. You may have given out this number to utility companies, colleagues, and other businesses. Perhaps it’s a business number that you use on advertising and marketing materials. Who needs the hassle of updating numbers everywhere?

What do you need before you can port a VoIP number? Different countries have their own processes and porting requirements. Some – like the US – also have timelines for carriers to follow.

Completed Number Porting Form
Many service providers and carriers have forms that you need to fill out to start the number porting process. While you can find the form on their website, you can also ask the vendor to send this to you. Make sure to fill out all the details correctly before submitting the form.

Letter of Authorization or Letter of Agency
You’ll also need a letter of authorization to your new service provider. The LOA allows the vendor to contact your existing service provider on your behalf. Remember that you don’t have to contact your current provider to port landline numbers to VoIP. Your new vendor should take care of this for you.

Proof of Ownership

In most cases, you will also need to provide proof that you do in fact own the phone number in question. A bill or invoice listing the phone number, your name and address are generally sufficient.

So, if you are a MyDivert customer who needs a new VoIP phone service why not get in touch and we can ensure you keep your existing numbers! For more info on number porting check out our blog on the subject.