Thanks for your Help on our Roadmap Survey!

Posted on: 2017-05-02 | Categories: VoIP Services

Launching a product in the market is a very different process from starting a service. With a service, companies have to keep making improvements long after the launch date has passed. Over time your service might evolve into something entirely different than what you started off with. So how do you decide what to change, add or remove?

One way to find out is to ask your customers what they’d like to see. Are there any features missing that competitors have? Do they have any problems with the existing service that we can solve? That’s exactly what we did last month. VoIPstudio conducted a survey asking our customers for feedback on our hosted VoIP service.

We wanted to know your thoughts on new features you’d like to see and integrations that could be useful for your business. The response we got has been tremendous! We saw some really interesting ideas and ways on improving VoIPstudio. Your feedback will help us improve and make VoIPstudio even better than before.

So thank you to all our customers who participated. We are working on adding new features based on your responses, so stay tuned for more from your favorite VoIP service!