How Can VoIP Help My Business Avoid Problems With Signal?

Posted on: 2014-02-25 | Categories: Business VoIP Solutions VoIP VoIP PBX VoIP Providers VoIP Technology

For many people, ‘phone’ means ‘mobile phone’. It is easy for some to forget about, or decide not to bother with, a landline phone. The convenience of having a mobile on hand at all times means that people over the last few years have tended to phase out using landline phones in their home lives, and this has transferred across to their business lives.

However, it is a mistake to rely on mobile phones for your business when there are far more efficient methods of communication that can be used, such as hosted VoIP. Companies could well find themselves shelling out for costly mobile phone contracts for their employees, when actually a cheaper VoIP service would suit their needs better.

This is certainly the case at the Rainton Bridge Industrial Estate in Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland. Businesses operating out of the estate have found that they have been cut off, as a phone service error has led to them being without mobile phone signal for a number of weeks.

This has caused major problems for companies in the area. Talking to the Sunderland Echo, small business owner Maureen Wilson said: “It’s just appalling. We’ve been messed about for the past weeks and heard different things when we’ve called up the helpline.”

Without communications, many businesses struggle to run at all. They are forced to look into alternative means of getting in touch with clients and contacts, on top of paying for their mobile phone service.

While mobiles have the advantage of being portable, they are also unreliable. Many areas of the UK have issues with phone signal, and even locations that are usually well-connected can be subject to fluctuations and errors that cause them to become cut off.

Rather than shell out for mobile phones for a business, it might be more convenient to use VoIP. The direct connection to wired internet means there is a far smaller likelihood of signal errors cutting out communications. This means businesses can run more efficiently and eliminate downtime.