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VoIP Phone Systems for Enterprises

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VoIP phone systems for enterprises have been around for well over a decade at this point and yet, quite a few businesses still have not upgraded from PSTN solutions. There are on the other hand many companies who have been using VoIP for a while and are still in the process of discovering new features. Both these aspects tell us that VoIP has come a long way from its humble beginnings but also that it still has a long way to go.

VoIP Phone Systems for Enterprises

Enterprise grade VoIP systems are very different consumer focused services. They offer a wider array of features and offer much more in terms of flexibility, scale and options for customization. This is because the vast majority of consumers use voice services in very similar ways and are looking for the same value proposition. Organizations, on the other hand are much more unique in their requirements and what they look for in a phone system can vary due to industry requirements, regulations, internal structure, external environment etc.

Hosted VoIP or SIP Trunks?

This is the pressing question facing any business that is considering switching over to VoIP. Each solution is suitable for different types of companies. Small businesses, freelancers, consultants and professional organizations generally prefer hosted VoIP. It requires no investment, little to zero maintenance in the daily routine and the company does not have hire experts to configure or set it up.

Larger organizations, businesses that already have in house experts in VoIP or those who just want more control and customization generally seem to prefer SIP trunks. Although they require a bit more capital to get started, they generally pay for themselves in a short time frame. The total cost of ownership is much less when compared to hosted VoIP.

VoIP Phone Systems for Enterprises Provide Flexibility

A business that wants the most basic features at the most competitive price will find a solution in VoIP. A company that is looking for technology that can provide the foundation for growth over the long term will find it in VoIP. An office that is looking to make employees more productive or the sales department more efficient will find that VoIP fits their needs. In fact, the very same VoIP service may be able to fulfill all these requirements with the proper setup/configuration. It was not impossible to get this with analog systems or regular PBX boxes but it was usually expensive and out of reach for all but the biggest companies.

Businesses Can Scale Quicker with VoIP

With VoIP, we can choose to use and pay for only as much resources as we need. When it comes to voice calling, these resources are phone numbers, lines, trunks and so on. Phone operators often sell trunks or lines in bundles or in a set combination/plan. Businesses that only want a fraction of those – whether it is features, phone numbers or lines – end up having to pay for the entire package. Not only that but they also did not have the ability to change it based on changing circumstances. So if you bought 10 lines but are downsizing and only use two, you still have to pay for all 10. At least until the current contract expires or you need to pay some penalties for making changes.

Enterprises can choose exactly what they get and pay for with VoIP. So if your company wants exactly 3 toll free numbers and 5 lines, it is possible to get them. Suppose rising demand or seasonal sales compel you to hire more people. The VoIP vendor can easily and quickly provision extra resources within minutes. You only pay for what you use – no more and no less.

VoIP Delivers Advanced Features to Businesses

Some features that VoIP vendors offer as a matter of course just do not exist in PSTN systems. We can setup the VoIP service to transcribe voicemail without manual intervention and forward it to a group email inbox during the weekends. We cannot do this with PSTN because it doesn’t integrate with Internet based systems. Some vendors offer digital fax services on VoIP which allows users to send faxes straight from a computer without ever touching a fax machine.

Users can set up complex rules for how to forward calls depending on the time of day or other parameters on their own. We don’t have to wait for technicians to show up and configure the PBX. Managers can enable or disable features for the entire company or just their department any time they want.

Perhaps the best part about VoIP for businesses is the fact that they can consolidate multiple networks into a single one and get rid of duplicate equipment. They don’t have to manage and maintain separate solutions that cost money, time and effort. And best of all, all this is available for much less than what it costs enterprises to continue using their old solutions.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!