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Which VoIP Service has the Best VoIP Quality?

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When VoIP technology was first introduced, many organizations had legitimate concerns over call quality and reliability. At that time, VoIP was a cool new toy but certainly couldn’t match the crystal clear audio of regular landlines. So while it was sufficient for individuals or tech savvy professionals for personal use – especially considering the cost savings – few businesses switched to VoIP.

Poor call quality can dramatically impact the daily workflows of any organization and you may even lose customers or revenue. Making sales calls and acquiring new customers is hard enough as it is without dropped calls, scratchy audio, low volume levels or even voice echos! As it is businesses deal with frustrated and irate customers when it comes to tech support and poor quality translates directly to a poor client experience.

However today’s hosted VoIP systems are a far cry from those early demonstrations and deployments. Call quality is at least as good as landlines, if not better. This is true especially since many providers now offer HD voice quality as a premium option or add-on. Organizations can now get crystal clear audio without any problems most of the time.

Factors Affecting VoIP Quality

Unlike many commonly utilized enterprise technologies, VoIP call quality is affected by a number of factors – only some of which are within the control of the enterprise. Other factors will need to be adjusted by the vendor. So if you are suffering from one of the many problems that can potentially plague VoIP calls – such as dropped calls, echoes, talk over effects etc – it can be a bit difficult to pinpoint the source of the issues.

  • Unfortunately many VoIP vendors will often blame the client’s network, hardware or even configuration settings when such problems become apparent. But even if everything is perfectly all right at your end, you can still have problems if your vendor’s service is not properly optimized and implemented. This is why it is important to purchase services from a vendor who has a reputation for providing good quality and not just go by the lowest prices or most features on offer.

Some of the factors affecting call quality – which are also under the control of the VoIP vendor – include

  • The type of audio codec being used – Codecs which utilize higher compression often result in better bandwidth utilization at the expense of quality. Leading vendors such as VoIPstudio will use optimized codecs that deliver a good balance between bandwidth consumption and quality. After all high quality audio is pretty useless without adequate bandwidth to complete the call!
  • High quality equipment and software configuration – VoIP call quality is affected not just by the equipment used by the business (dedicated IP deskphones, soft phone etc.) but also by the hardware being used by the vendor. The way the VoIP service is set up at the backend can directly affect quality throughout the system. VoIP resellers often utilize someone else’s data centers over which they have no direct control. Hence they cannot offer better quality even if they tried. VoIPstudio from Level 7 Systems uses the best equipment to provide superior quality, backed by their years of experience in deploying VoIP services.
  • Underlying VoIP protocols – VoIP can be deployed using a number of protocols as it simply refers to routing voice calls over the Internet. This purpose can be achieved using one of the many available IP standards. However SIP is the  globally accepted standard which is also the most popular recommendation for VoIP. VoIPstudio also uses SIP for their services which means clients can use any SIP compatible equipment for calls. This also contributes to VoIP quality as there is no need for adapters or third-party interfaces to connect incompatible hardware or software.

As you can see, these factors are not really something that providers can change quickly or often. If you select a vendor that offers poor call quality today, it is not likely to improve tomorrow.

VoIPstudio uses only the best software and equipment to provide world-class services for business clients. A solid infrastructure provides quality and reliability while also allowing for adding innovative services on top of the underlying platform. Choosing a reputable vendor like VoIPstudio from Level 7 means that you won’t have issues with calls even when your business expands and grows with time.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!