Why Businesses Should Choose A VoIP Provider Supporting G729 Codec

Posted on: 2014-11-12 | Categories: Business VoIP Solutions VoIP

VoIP is well known for its ease of use and flexibility, enabling companies of all sizes to setup and run hundreds of localised virtual numbers for hundreds of cities across the globe.

The ability to receive VoIP via 3G and through mobile networks has opened up the world of VoIP communications like never before, but many customers are unaware that the codec they are using – G.711 – is dated and could be costing them significant call quality and speed.

VoIPstudio have implemented the latest G.729 codec, which gives customers much improved call performance despite requiring less internet connection speed, thereby putting VoIP quality firmly above any standard PBX or mobile network solution.

By using G.729 your bandwidth usage drops to just 8 kbit/s – with a voice delay of less than 16ms.

But is the VoIPstudio G.729 solution really that great?

Let’s compare the old codec with VoIPstudio’s G.729 and find out what you can get form G.711 codec VoIP provider:

  • For every 1GB of data transferred, the G.729 codec will give up to 3401 call minutes. The older G.711 gave you just 1400 call minutes.
  • Utilising the G.729 it’s conceivable to set aside up to 103 calls using standard 1 megabit/s links. With G.711 only 15 calls were possible.
  • The new G.729 ensures a delay of less than 16ms, far below the base rate possible with the G.711 connection.
  • All of the above is possible because the G.729 codec consumes four times less data transfer than the G.711, resulting not just in much improved audio quality, but an all round better user experience.

    VoIP technology is developing at such a rate that in order to stay ahead of the competition you need to know that the technology you’re using is as good as it can be. That’s why VoIPstudio only offer the latest in VoIP technologies and applications across their range, and are already supplying the G.729 codec as standard. With no contract, and a simple setup that takes minutes, VoIPstudio could be working for you to, and giving you that edge that could make all the difference.