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Businesses rely on the myriad of support services that help them operate on a day-to-day basis, from IT to accounting and from facility management to security. Without the right services to support them, organisations would simply grind to a halt, so effective, reliable communications should be a priority. So imagine the benefits of been able to make unlimited free calls over the internet, between colleagues, branches, sites and even countries, without the need for any capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.

VoIPstudio is a cloud-hosted communications platform based on solid infrastructure that’s designed to enable flexible yet secure connections between users, wherever they are. Whether providing IT ticket support calls, performing day-to-day facilities tasks, ensuring smooth and accurate procurement, or providing accounting services on a local, national or international basis, the benefits of VoIPstudio are clear.

Free internet calls
Worldwide virtual numbers
Simple web admin portal
Perfect for remote offices

Reliable, flexible, cost-effective

VoIPstudio reduces up-front capital expenditure, eliminates system management expenses and helps to grow businesses. VoIPstudio only charges by the second for calls – unlike many other providers, we do not round up to the nearest minute. It means our customers only pay for what they actually use, so you can control your costs.

It’s easy to add or remove users, providing ultimate control and flexibility to handle seasonal fluctuations, market demands, or business growth. Furthermore, in the event of any internet connectivity problems, calls can be automatically redirected to any landline or mobile number in the world, meaning that you will never miss a single call.

Straker Translations

Straker Translations

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Forecasters benefit from ease of management, a single system and a single bill for 500 users

Homes and Rooms

Homes and Rooms

Seamless mobile integration enables and truly global organisation

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