Business Features

Free Internet Calls

With our Business VoIP telephone system internet (or VoIP) calls are free and unlimited. Enable your co-workers to talk to each other for free, whether they are in the next room, building, city or on the other side of the world - they are just one extension away!

Reduced Call Rates

Because we route your calls over the Internet the cost is typically much lower compared to traditional telecommunication operators.

Hosted Phone System

We maintain and upgrade the system, so you can focus on your business. No need to maintain expensive on-site PBX equipment.

Pay As You grow

Add users as you need to. Create new accounts at any time with instant activation and easy set up.

Instant Deployment

Because there is no hardware PBX (telephone switch) to install, you can start using our system within 10 minutes from signing up.

No Contract

We are sure about our service quality so we do not constrain our customers with any long term contract. You can leave our service anytime if you are not 100% satisfied.

World Wide Data Centers

Our calls are routed via our three data centres - UK, US and Japan. That means that wherever you are, quality of your connection will be perfect. System will connect you automatically to the nearest VoIPstudio point of presence.

One Second Billing

We are charging per each second of your call and not rounding up to nearest minutes. That means you are paying exactly for what you use. There is also no call setup fee, which you can find with some VoIP companies.

Numbers Porting

You can port your numbers from current provider to our service so they can be easily managed from your control panel.

Remote Office

In the office, anywhere in the world - turn any phone into your office extensions.

Mobile Client

Use your VoIP service on any Android or iPhone device thanks to native SIP client. Call your extensions free of charge while out of the office.

Technical Features

Virtual Numbers

We can provide Virtual telephone numbers in more than 4000 cities around the world. Typically, the DID (incoming) number is directed to your Virtual Reception, which manages the call and transfers the caller to their chosen department or extension number.

Web Portal

Each user of our platform can have total control of all their settings, including call forwarding and voice mail, through personal web based control panel.

Multipoint Registration

Each user can register multiple end-points for his extension. You can use it simultaneously on your computer, desk phone and mobile app. Be reachable wherever you are.

Internet Failover Protection

In the event of any internet connectivity problems your calls can be automatically redirected to any landline or mobile number in the world. You will never miss a single call.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to any phone on your system - anywhere in the world - as if in the same office.

Music On Hold

Look professional and provide a musical interlude for callers who are waiting on hold.

Conference Calling

Conduct a voice meeting with our simple to use conference call feature. Any number of participants can dial into a virtual conference room and conduct a meeting.

Reception Console

Look professional. Set up a reception anywhere with our web based console. Transfer or park calls with a simple to use drag and drop feature.

Follow Me

Automatically forwards calls to multiple external numbers (mobile or landline) or extensions simultaneously. Never miss a call with an extension number which follows you wherever you are.

Interactive Voice Response

Professionalise your company image with a friendly greeting that will direct callers to the right person or department.


Each extension has its own configurable and customisable voice mail service. Voice messages can be accessed online, replayed over the phone, or forwarded to your email.

Call Waiting

Alerts the recipient of incoming call when the line is busy with an established call. Upon hearing the Call Waiting tone, the user can put the current conversation on hold to answer the incoming call.

Contacts Directory

Save time and keep organised with built-in contacts directory. Easily call back your missed calls or redial frequently used numbers.

Ring Groups

The system can be set so that defined phones will ring on incoming or forwarded calls, with the call connecting to the extension that answers first.

Extension Dialing

Save time with our 4 digits extension dialling. Each user is issued with a unique extension number that can be reached from any phone within your company.

Call Pickup

When inbound calls are routed to a group of extensions that are in the same pickup group, any of the phones in that group can answer the call.

ACD Queues

Queues allow automatically distribute phone calls to a specific group of agents on the first come, first served basis. Using VoIPstudio Control Panel you can adjust maximum queue times, toggle whether callers are told their queue position and average wait time.

Call Parking

Direct your caller to the virtual call parking space and let others pick up the call using any extensions in the office.

Click To Call

Increase your productivity thanks to our Click to Dial feature. Simply click on the number in your contact list to make an instant connection.

Phones auto provisioning

Manage all your SIP phones with one click central provisioning. No more time consuming manual configuration via phone's web admin panel.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded and played back later to improve sales, train staff or meet legal or other requirements.

Time Based Routing

Easily adjust your Hosted PBX system to your office working hours, holiday periods and other time sensitive events.

Company Directory

With Company Directory callers can be routed to a given employee by keying the letters of the employee's name so calls are connected directly with no receptionist involvement.

Fax Gateway

Send and receive faxes directly from online control panel. Dedicated telephone numbers can act as a fully functional fax gateway.

Unlimited Storage

You will not need to worry ever again about full voicemail box rejecting messages from your customers. With VoIPstudio IP PBX you will enjoy unlimited voicemail and call recording storage.

Emergency Service Calling

VoIPstudio is providing emergency calling in the United Kingdom and United States through its E911 service. We always make sure our IP PBX passes of all regulatory requirements.

SMS Gateway

You can easily send messages directly your softphone and user Control Panel.

Dynamic CLI

Dynamic caller ID feature enables users to present the most appropriate caller ID for their call, showing the receiver that the call is originating from a country other than their own.

Text To Speech

This feature allows for turning voicemail messages into e-mail transcripts. It is ideal for business people who often attend meetings and cannot listen to their voicemail messages, but want to know their content instantly.


Sales Force

Our VoIPstudio plugin for SalesForce CRM can be added within minutes to allow inbound and outbound call handling. Users can initiate a call simply by clicking telephone numbers directly from the SalesForce panel. For incoming calls it allows to open an associated contact directly or add as a new lead if the telephone number is not recognized.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Click to call functionality for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows calling your contacts directly from your CRM solution.

Sage ACT!

Click to call functionality for Sage ACT! allows calling your contacts directly from your CRM solution.

Avaya One X

Virtual appliance solution allows using Avaya One-X Desk Phones with VoIPstudio.

Cisco 79xx

Allow your Cisco 79xx phones to work with VoIPstudio.

VoIPstudio makes a difference

VoIPstudio is a hosted VoIP phone system created especially for organizations that are looking for a professional hosted PBX system. VoIPstudio is the best VoIP phone system on market and we, its engineers, are a leading VoIP provider.

Unmatched Service

24/7 professional customer support that helps you every step of the way.

More For Less

Ssuperior sound quality, voicemail, music on hold and other quality add-on experiences.

Value For Money

Reduce up-front capital expenditure, eliminate system management expenses and grow your business.