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VoIPstudio for the financial services

Award winning VoIP for the finance sector

Ideal for the
financial services sector

Financial services organisations need a hosted
communications platform that not only provides high
quality calls, but also exceptional resilience, data
privacy and security, as well as ensuring compliance
with the latest regulations, such as the upcoming
MiFID II. VoIPstudio offers just that.

For example, all VoIPstudio calls are routed via our
three ISO 27001 certified data centres – in the UK,
US and Japan – ensuring call quality and platform
resilience. Our physical storage devices use AES-256 to
encrypt data, and we use TLS-encrypted SIP signalling
and ZRTP for encrypted voice streams to ensure the
highest data security levels on calls. Our platform
also offers call recording capabilities, helping you to
meet MiFID, and the upcoming MiFID II, compliance
requirements. It’s a safe investment for your business.

ISO 27001 compliant data centres
Secure, encrypted storage
Certified by the ICO
Ready for MiFID II


Private, resilient, secure

You can also rely on VoIPstudio to ensure account
integrity – all of our employees adhere to stringent
company-defined security processes and audit trails. In
addition, VoIPstudio is certified by the UK Government
Ombudsman, under the Information Commissioner
Office, and meets the requirements of the upcoming EU
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It also provides strong levels of resilience and data
security. In the event of internet connectivity problems,
for example, calls can be automatically redirected to
any landline or mobile number in the world, meaning
that you will never miss a call. Internally, we perform
monthly security scans and continually test for
vulnerability threats. A regular infrastructure audit
– performed by an external party – ensures PCI
compliance. It all makes VoIPstudio an ideal solution for
financial services organisations.

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