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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to VoIP

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Given the buzz about VoIP in the enterprise segment, it is no surprise that many organizations are upgrading their communication systems. But you may be wondering if the much vaunted benefits of VoIP are worth the hassle of switching and expenses that are sure to follow. Here are not one or two but 10 reasons why you should switch to VoIP immediately:

VoIP calls are cheaper

Since VoIP routes phone calls over the Internet and your existing data network, local calls between employees – regardless of their location – are free. International calls to other countries cost a fraction of the rates charged by phone operators, thus lowering your monthly bill. Imagine how much more work can be done if you didn’t have to worry about call charges!

You don’t have to maintain the VoIP-PBX system

With POTS, if you want enterprise features you have to purchase and maintain the PBX system yourself. If you didn’t have the in-house expertise, carriers were more than willing to sell expensive maintenance/service contracts. With hosted VoIP, all that hassle is a thing of the past. All enterprise class PBX features are delivered online and can be enabled/disabled through a dashboard. There is no equipment for you to purchase or maintain.

VoIP does not require new hardware

This might seem counterintuitive but upgrading to newer technology doesn’t always have to be expensive. If you purchase hosted VoIP services from an external vendor, the only hardware that you have to get are the IP phones. Even the most basic phone models come equipped with a host of features and you can always upgrade later if your needs change.

Bring voicemail to the 21st century

Have you ever wished you could manage voicemail just like email? It can often be a pain to dial your voicemail inbox, listen to each message and then delete them. With VoIP,  voicemails can be automatically  transcribed and sent to your email inbox. You can manage them just like you would handle all your other emails.

Get rid of your fax machines

Faxing can be old school but many businesses still rely on it. Sending the occasional fax means that you still have to maintain a few fax machines in every office which can be a problem if you’re trying to eliminate paper waste.  Quite a few vendors offer digital faxing which means that faxes can be sent and received on a computer and printed only if they are needed. You can simultaneously get rid of your fax machines and reduce the amount of paper being used in your offices.

Integrate voice with other enterprise software

Many organizations use enterprise software such as Salesforce in specific departments. VoIP is an Internet-based service so it can be easily integrated with other applications. Sales agents can quickly call customers from within their app or take notes and attach voice memos seamlessly via VoIP.

Ensure customers get the help they need

Nobody likes being put on hold or constantly being transferred between departments to reach 1 person and this is where auto attendant for IVR systems coming. These are often too expensive for smaller companies but VoIP makes it affordable for all enterprises. Now customers can quickly choose which group, individual or department to contact or even dial the person directly if they know the particular extension number.

Upgrading to VoIP doesn’t take much time

Every organization has gone through painful technology upgrades that often disrupts business workflows. For companies going with hosted services, the transition can take as little as a few hours or a day! You don’t even have to wait for a technician to come install the phones as many vendors offer automatic provisioning, making these phones truly plug-and-play.

Bring advanced features to your business

Most people use multiple devices throughout the day – a personal phone, work phone, desk phone, laptop etc. Each user can set up custom rules to ensure that phone calls can always reach them, no matter which device they may be using. Features like call hunt, group voicemail, automatic call forwarding and routing etc. are generally included in most VoIP plans and they can greatly improve employee productivity.

Pay only for what you use

With traditional enterprise phone systems, you had to specify the number of lines or numbers you would need in advance. Quite often businesses overestimate their needs and end up paying for resources they don’t use. VoIP lines and numbers on the other hand, can be provisioned immediately. Extra resources can also be disbanded, ensuring that you only pay for actual calls and services used.

These are not the only reasons to switch to VoIP and vendors are introducing new services at breakneck speed. The sooner your business switches to VoIP, the quicker you can get the benefits and stay on top of the latest technology in telecommunications. After all VoIP is the future and you don’t want to be left behind!

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!