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16 best AI tools to increase your productivity 2024

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Have you noticed how artificial intelligence is changing the way we work? This year, AI productivity tools are becoming the key to optimizing our daily lives. From organizing our time to simplifying repetitive tasks, these tools are making a difference.

But what’s most exciting is how these tools learn and grow with you. As you interact with them, they become more innovative and effective. It’s like having a co-worker who is always learning from you and looking for ways to help you be more productive!


“According to a Tech.co study, 72% of respondents who use AI extensively report high organizational productivity, compared to 55% of respondents who use AI in a limited way”

What are IA productivity tools?

Forget about repetitive tasks and open possibilities with AI productivity tools. Imagine a working future where technology becomes your best ally:

  • Virtual assistants that take care of day-to-day tasks, freeing up your time for what matters: strategy.
  • Data analysis that gives you the keys to make the right decisions at all times.
  • Optimized processes that flow without friction, thanks to AI’s identification of inefficiencies.
  • Personalized training in interpersonal skills to enhance your team’s communication, sales, and leadership.

AI productivity tools are not just numbers. They are the boost your business needs to reach the next level.

Increase productivity, reduce workload, and gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

Productivity improvement tools by category

Here’s a summary in case you’re short on time and can’t read the full article:

  • Content creation with AI (Jasper, CopyAI).
  • AI Chatbots (ChatGPT, Gemini)
  • Transcription and Meeting Assistants (Fireflies, Krisp)
  • AI Task automation (Zapier, Bardeen)
  • Image creation using AI (Dall-E, Midjourney)
  • Email inbox management through AI (SaneBox)

AI productivity tools for content creation

AI productivity Jasper


Can you imagine having a tool that makes creating and sharing marketing content easy? Jasper does just that. Used by over 100,000 companies globally, Jasper helps create blog articles, social media posts, sales emails, and more while always maintaining brand voice and style.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Content Creation: Jasper can prepare campaign material quickly, ensuring everything is optimized for search engines and matches the brand voice.
  • Security and Privacy: The platform ensures that the content you upload and create remains private and secure.
  • Browser Extension: Jasper’s Chrome extension allows users to use AI in multiple applications, such as Gmail and LinkedIn.
  • API and Automation: Jasper’s API allows tasks to be automated using best-of-breed language models, including GPT-4.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Creator: $39 per month/user.
  • Pro: $59 per month/user.
  • Business: price on request.

AI productivity Copy.ai


Copy.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps companies optimize their marketing and sales processes. It uses AI to generate high-quality content, find leads, enrich CRM data, and more.

What are its main features?

  • Pre-engineered workflows: It offers workflows for common marketing and sales cases that are ready to use without complicated configurations.
  • Easy to customize: Workflows are easily adapted to the specific needs of each company.
  • Integrations: Supports more than 2,000 tools, making it easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • Secure: Meets the highest data security standards.
  • Leading language models: Uses the best language models in the world, guaranteeing high-quality results.
  • Zero data retention policy: No data retention means your data is never used to train models or for any other purpose.
  • What are some of the benefits of using Copy.ai?
    • Increases productivity
    • Improves content quality
    • Increases conversions
    • Accelerates time to market
    • Reduce costs

Plans and Pricing

  • Free: This is for people getting started with AI-powered solutions.
  • Pro: $36 per month.

Productivity tools with IA Chatbots

IA productivity ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI. Is ideal for improving productivity in various ways.

Benefits of using ChatGPT to improve productivity:

  • Text generation: The tool can generate human-quality text, saving time on tasks such as writing emails, reports, and social media posts.
  • Language translation: It can translate text from one language to another, which can be helpful if you work with clients worldwide.
  • Text summarization: It can also summarize long texts, allowing you to grasp the most essential information quickly.
  • Customer support: ChatGPT can provide customer care, answer customers’ questions, and solve their problems. It can free up human employees to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Task automation: AI can be used to automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending emails, and updating databases. This can free up your time to focus on more important work.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Free: The free version gives you access to GPT-3.5. Limited access to GPT-4.
  • Plus: $20 per month.

Gemini Productivity AI


Gemini, developed by Google DeepMind, is an advanced AI platform for improving productivity in various work areas. It integrates natural language processing (NLP), text generation, and data analytics capabilities to assist in complex everyday tasks and improve productivity.

Gemini Key Features:

  • Writing Assistance:
    • Content Generation: Gemini can generate consistent and relevant text for blog articles, emails, reports, and other documents, helping us produce content quickly.
    • Proofreading and Enhancement: The platform offers tools for grammar correction, style improvement, and suggestions to make text more transparent and effective.
  • Task Automation:
    • Email Management: Gemini can prioritize and respond to emails automatically, saving time in inbox management.
    • Scheduling and Reminders: AI can manage calendars, schedule meetings, and send reminders, ensuring users don’t miss necessary appointments.
  • Data Analytics:
    • Complex Data Interpretation: Can analyze large volumes of data, providing valuable insights and clear visualizations for decision-making.
    • Predictions and Recommendations: Based on data analysis, provides strategic predictions and recommendations to improve efficiency and results.
  • Collaboration and Project Management:
    • Team Communication: Facilitates collaboration by generating meeting minutes, project summaries, and task updates on collaborative platforms.
    • Task Management: AI can assign and track the progress of tasks within a project, optimizing time and resource management.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Free: The free version gives you access to Gemini.
  • Advanced: $19.99.

Productivity tools with a transcription and meeting assistants

AI productivity Fireflies


Fireflies.ai is an advanced tool designed to automate note-taking and improve meeting efficiency through artificial intelligence. This platform helps teams transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations, making it easier to manage and track meetings.

Key Features:

  • Automated Meeting Notes:
    • Transcription and Summary: AI automatically transcribes and summarizes meetings on platforms like Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom. It can upload audio files and transcribe phone calls.
    • Action Items: This section identifies and extracts action items, tasks, and key questions, enabling a quick review of the most important points discussed.
  • AI-Driven Search:
    • Quick Search: Find any information within meeting transcripts in seconds.
    • Topic Filtering: We can filter and listen to critical topics discussed, optimizing review time.
  • Team Collaboration:
    • Comments and Feedback: Team members can add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations.
    • Snippet Sharing: Facilitates creating and sharing sound bites and meeting notes in collaborative applications like Slack, Notion, and Asana.
  • Conversation Analytics:
    • Conversation Metrics: This system tracks speakers’ talk time, analyzes sentiment and monologues, and measures performance to improve internal processes.
    • Topic Identification: Detects objections, competitors, and other relevant custom topics for tracking.
  • Workflow Automation:
    • CRM Integration: Automatically logs call notes, activities, and recordings for appropriate contacts in CRMs such as Salesforce and HubSpot.
    • Task Creation: Enables automatic task creation in Asana, Trello, and Monday via voice commands during meetings.
  • Real-Time Knowledge Base:
    • Information Organization: Creates an automatically updated knowledge base from all voice conversations, organizing meeting summaries by department.
    • Privacy Controls: Provides customized privacy controls to ensure that only desired information is visible to the appropriate team members.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $10 per month
  • Business: $19 per month
  • Enterprise: $39 per month

AI Productivity Krisp


Krisp is an AI-powered tool that maximizes productivity in online meetings and calls through noise cancellation, transcriptions, meeting notes, and automatic recordings.

Key Features:

  • Noise Elimination: Ensures maximum clarity in meetings and calls by eliminating background noises, voices, and echoes.
  • Compatibility: Works with any conferencing application, call center platform, headset, and device.
  • Automatic Transcription: Automatically converts meeting audio to text, facilitating review and analysis.
  • Meeting Notes: Captures and organizes critical discussion points, improving information retention and task tracking.
  • Full Recording: You can record meetings and calls for a detailed and accurate review later.
  • Accent Recognition: Improves transcription accuracy and understanding of multiple accents and dialects.

Krisp is excellent for improving your meetings, eliminating annoying background noises, and clarifying everything.

It also saves you a lot of time by automatically transcribing and taking notes, allowing you to concentrate on the conversation without worrying about writing everything down.

It’s incredibly flexible, as it works with any calling application and any type of headset. It’s ideal for any work environment. Best of all, it’s very easy to use and set up, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to get the most out of it.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Free
  • Pro: $8 per month
  • Company: Ask for a rating


As a tip, before implementing an AI tool, evaluate if it solves your company’s specific needs. Ensure it is compatible with your existing systems and calculate the expected return on investment (ROI) to justify the investment.

Productivity tools with IA automation

AI productivity Zapier


With more than 2.2 million companies using Zapier, this automation tool has become an essential ally in increasing our productivity.

It will allow you to connect and automate tasks between more than 6000 applications, which is ideal for sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and more processes.

With Zapier, the need for manual intervention is reduced, and repetitive work is eliminated, thus optimizing the day-to-day business.

Zapier Productivity Benefits

  • Simple Automation: No need to wait for developers; you can automate tasks yourself.
  • Multiple App Connection: Integrate apps such as Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, and many more.
  • Diverse Uses: Zapier offers templates and workflows for diverse business needs, from lead management to inventory automation.
  • Time Savings: By automating repetitive tasks, teams can focus on more strategic activities.
  • Grow Without Increasing Staff: Scale operations quickly without hiring additional staff.
  • Intuitive Interface: Creating automated workflows (Zaps) is easy with its drag-and-drop interface.
  • Specific Features: This includes tools such as Zapier Workflows, Zapier Interfaces, Zapier Tables, and Chatbots, which make it easy to create and manage workflows, forms, databases, and automated conversations.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free
  • Professional: $19 per month
  • Team: $69 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

AI Productivity Bardeen


Bardeen is like your personal assistant, freeing you from tedious and repetitive work tasks. Imagine having someone automatically fill out forms for you, send messages, and more without you having to deal with complicated interfaces.

It’s as if Bardeen is always one step ahead, seamlessly integrating with your applications and websites to make your work life much easier. You can even combine different actions to create custom workflows that suit your needs.

Best of all, Bardeen doesn’t try to replace you but to empower you—it learns from you as you work, adapting to your unique preferences and needs. With a wide range of ever-growing integrations, Bardeen is always ready to work wherever you need it, whether it’s Google Sheets, LinkedIn, or Zoom.

Whether you need to research markets, increase your productivity, or boost the performance of your entire team, Bardeen offers flexible and robust solutions that help you save time and improve efficiency in any work environment.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free
  • Professional: $10 per month
  • Business: $15 per month

Productivity tools with IA imaging

IA productivity DALL-E 3


DALL-E 3, developed by OpenAI, is an incredibly advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images. The beauty of DALL-E 3 is that you can create pictures from detailed textual descriptions. It means you get high-quality, customized images quickly and easily.

Here’s how DALL-E 3 can improve productivity in different business environments:

  • Rapid Visual Content Generation
    • Marketing and Advertising: This technology enables marketing teams to generate customized advertising images without hiring graphic designers. It allows them to save time and resources.
    • Social Media: Community managers can instantly create engaging visual content for social media posts, keeping them fresh and relevant.
  • Prototyping and Design
    • Product Development: Helps product development teams visualize concepts and prototypes quickly, facilitating idea communication and decision-making.
    • Graphic Design: Designers can use DALL-E 3 to explore visual ideas and gain inspiration, accelerating the design process.
  • Personalization and Customization
    • Presentations and Documents: Professionals from various industries can generate specific graphics and visuals for presentations and documents. It increases the effectiveness of their communications.
  • Cost Reduction
    • Human Resource Savings: Companies can optimize the use of their human resources by reducing the need for graphic designers for simple tasks.
    • Operational Efficiency: The speed with which images can be generated allows companies to respond quickly to market demands, improving operational efficiency.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free
  • Plus: $20 per month

Midjourney Productivity AI


Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence tool that converts textual descriptions into images. It benefits companies and professionals in different fields by offering several significant productivity benefits.

Benefits of Midjourney for Productivity

  • Time Savings: Midjourney allows users to create high-quality images in minutes, eliminating the need for lengthy graphic design processes. It benefits companies that need frequent visual content for marketing, social media, and presentations.
  • Fast Iterations: Users can generate multiple versions of an image quickly. So it makes it easy to experiment and select the best option without long wait times.
  • Access to Professional Design: Small businesses and startups with limited budgets can access professional-quality images without incurring high design costs.
  • Workflow Integration: The tool can be easily integrated into existing workflows. It allows marketing, product development, and design teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Plans and Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month
  • Standard Plan: $30 per month
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month
  • Mega Plan: $120 per month

Productivity tools with IA email inbox management

IA productivity SaneBox

Sane Box

SaneBox is a tool designed to increase productivity by helping you manage your email inbox more efficiently.

With its ability to automatically filter unwanted emails, highlight the most important ones, and offer features such as the ultimate removal of annoying senders, follow-up reminders, and daily digests, SaneBox seeks to turn your inbox into an ally rather than an enemy.

Some of its key features include

  • Automatically sorts important emails and filters out unwanted emails, eliminating unnecessary distractions.
  • Allows you to remove annoying senders from your inbox permanently.
  • It delays the delivery of emails until you are ready to view them, helping you prioritize your reading time.
  • Provides a daily summary of unimportant emails you still need to open.
  • Alerts you if someone doesn’t respond to your email within a particular time or lets you set reminders for yourself in the future.

SaneBox guarantees security and privacy. It ensures your data and emails remain between you and the platform. It is also compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices, allowing you to access its features wherever you check your email.

Backed by a large base of satisfied users and recommendations from productivity experts, SaneBox is an effective solution for those looking to control the clutter in their inboxes and focus on what matters.

Plans and Pricing

  • Snack: $7 per month
  • Lunch: $12 per month
  • Dinner: $36 per month

AI Productivity Emailtree


Emailtree is an AI-powered email automation platform that helps businesses improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Emailtree Productivity Benefits

  • 25% increase in revenue: it can help you generate more revenue by improving response to customer inquiries and increasing sales.
  • 60% reduction in first response rate: It can also help you respond to customer inquiries faster, improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn rate.
  • 80% improvement in customer experience: Helps improve customer experience by providing personalized and timely responses.

Key features

  • Uses AI to generate personalized responses to customer queries.
  • Automatically sorts emails into different categories, which can help improve efficiency.
  • Prioritizes emails based on their importance, which can help ensure that the most important emails are responded to first.
  • Integrations: EmailTree.ai integrates with other business tools like CRM and ERP.
  • It provides a dashboard that allows you to track your performance and measure the tool’s impact.
  • Security and Compliance: EmailTree.ai is committed to protecting your data and complying with all GDPR requirements.

Plans and Pricing

  • Starter: $120 per month
  • Essential: $290 per month
  • Growth: $490 per month
  • Scale: $1190 per month

VoIP AI Productivity Tools


VoIPstudio free trial

VoIPstudio has taken an essential step in improving business communication by adopting Whisper, the AI speech recognition engine developed by OpenAI.

This upgrade promises greater accuracy and flexibility in speech-to-text message transcriptions.

Whisper, trained on significant speech datasets, offers improved accuracy and the ability to detect the language of the message automatically. It eliminates the limitations associated with the user’s location.

In addition, Whisper provides support for a wide range of languages, ensuring smoother and more effective communication in multilingual business environments.

With the adoption of Whisper, VoIPstudio demonstrates its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in business communications. It opens the door to future enhancements and functionalities in artificial intelligence.

Other AI tools for productivity

  • AI Presentations (Wepik, Canva)
  • AI Video Editing (Runway, Descript, Premiere)

Frequently asked questions about AI productivity tools

– What are the main advantages of using AI to improve productivity?

Using AI to improve productivity automates repetitive tasks, frees up time for more valuable activities, enhances decision-making through precise data analysis, personalizes processes according to individual needs, and reduces errors, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– How to increase productivity with artificial intelligence tools?

To increase productivity with artificial intelligence tools, you should automate repetitive tasks, optimize time management with reminders and intelligent scheduling, and use data analysis to make more informed and efficient decisions. Additionally, these tools can help improve team collaboration and communication.

– Are AI productivity tools safe?

AI productivity tools are safe with appropriate data security and privacy measures.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!