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5 Reasons Why VoIP Is A Big Step Towards More Ecological Attitude

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Transitioning one of your business solutions to VoIP technology means not only having more money saved but also being more nature friendly. But how is it possible?

Cut-down on physical mobility

First of all, using such a powerful (at the same time simple in the eyes of users) telecommunications system as VoIP means the need for travelling and commuting gets smaller and smaller. To communicate,  employees can use the multitude of high quality virtual communication features instead, such as: virtual phone numbers, reduced call rates, conference calling, follow me, to name just a few; they can successfully replace the need for vis-a-vis communication. As you may suspect, the result of the use of these modern telecommunications solutions is a huge cut down on the fuel usage and the emission of the exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

Energy savings

Thanks to the efficient servers of VoIP providers, there is no need for the company to maintain its own high energy-consuming PBX system which consists of numerous hardware devices. Such electronic devices apart from the fact that they are expensive are also an energy footprint because of manufacturing, transportation and storage processes. One hosted VoIP provider can serve many clients who need to have only a minimum of number of their own physical devices, which in turn results in the significant reductions on the energy expenditure.

Reduced paper use

The commonly used functionality of hosted PBX systems is the option of cloud data exchange which greatly limits the necessity of printing and faxing documents. One of such features, called Fax over IP (FoIP), refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via a VoIP network. It means no more need for printing documents and sending them with the use of a fax machine. Most of the documents can be stored and sent online, on your own computer without the need to use lots of paper sheets and additional equipment.

The minimized and reusable hardware

Hosted VoIP telephony systems require the minimum set of necessary devices. All you need is the internet connection and a computer in the form of an IP phone or a softphone on a PC. Even old hardware can be adapted to a new system of VoIP communications without the need for buying additional equipment. Therefore, the necessity for producing new devices is disappearing and, consequently, the amount of toxic electronic waste landfills is being reduced.

Less space occupied

Fewer devices and complicated installations reduce the required physical storage space. That means no need for dedicated rooms for servers, cables, additional lines and other hardware. As a consequence of such minimalistic technical requirements, the optimal size of the standard office is greatly decreased, which automatically means higher savings on energy expenditure (air conditioning, heating) and simply more effective space management (that is more offices in a given space).

As you can see there are much more benefits of using VoIP system apart from the obvious improvements of the quality and costs of your private communication network. Nowadays, we should be more conscious of the impact which we have on the environment and do whatever we can, as responsible individuals, to reduce these negative outcome. So, let’s be open-minded and don’t fear new technology and progress if it has proven to be better for our existence!

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!