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5 Ways VoIPstudio Can Help You Get the Most from Salesforce

VoIP phone service background

Over the last century, enterprises have periodically focused on certain aspects of business – to improve efficiency and drive innovation. In various decades, operations, marketing, R&D have all been streamlined and optimized. Now it is the turn of customer service or customer experience management. The vast majority of organizations are now focused on enhancing the customer experience as a differentiating factor.

Salesforce – A Modern CRM

In this new drive towards improving customer service, there is no doubt that Salesforce is a game changer. This software As a service (SaaS) introduced many organizations to the benefits of having customer data available in one place. Salesforce is cloud based software and perhaps one of the first cloud services that businesses embraced wholeheartedly. Salesforce was a dramatic improvement over previous CRM software, featuring modern web based UI and navigation along with a plethora of innovative tools.

The Salesforce service showcased the inherent advantages of software delivered over the cloud such as always on connectivity, universal accessibility through any web browser, location independence for viewing or modifying data etc. For many organizations, Salesforce was a significant upgrade from traditional, on premise CRM software or even basic spreadsheets.

Hosted VoIP and Salesforce Integration

Perhaps one of the most underutilized benefits of cloud computing is interoperability and integration. If a business is utilizing several different cloud services, integrating them (either through first party or third-party connectors) can provide additional benefits beyond those derived from the individual services. It can free data that was previously locked up in silos and organizations can seamlessly access it across different applications.

VoIPstudio Can Help You Get More from Salesforce

For an organization that uses both Salesforce and VoIPstudio, integrating the two is the logical next step. A large percentage of customer interaction occurs through voice communication i.e. when customers call in to the business for various reasons ranging from sales inquiries to after sales support. Optimizing these interactions has multiple benefits for companies including higher customer satisfaction and a more productive workforce. So how can VoIPstudio help you get more from Salesforce? Here are a few ways:

Click to Call Functionality

Today applications are in charge of most business processes. Switching between different services wastes a lot of time for both front line employees and management. Although deploying a single service or application to manage every business process is neither practical nor feasible, we can certainly streamline workflows. When you connect VoIPstudio with Salesforce, your employees can easily initiate calls to customers from within the Salesforce UI. There is no need to close the Salesforce app or open another softphone application just to make a call – all it takes is a single click. So when a customer support agent is looking at customer data, they can seamlessly switch over to the voice call without skipping a beat.

Arm Employees with Customer Information

When customer service representatives answer incoming calls, they usually need to get the account number or other details from the customer. By integrating VoIPstudio with Salesforce, you eliminate that step. You can configure the UI to display user account information based on the incoming number and agents can even add customer records if it is not from an existing client. You can even decide if you want to show up a popup that displays the relevant information automatically or if the agent has to pick the option manually.

Comprehensive Overview of Customer Interaction

Integrating VoIP studio and Salesforce provides your business with a comprehensive overview of customer transactions, history and conversations. All relevant information is easily available in one place, eliminating the time and effort involved in consolidating data from different services. You don’t have to jump through hoops to answer simple questions such as ‘how often do we contact this particular client?’ or ‘when was the last time this user called for tech support?’

Improve Data Analytics

Improved data analytics is an advantage that benefits management more than front line employees but it is an important one nevertheless. Analyzing past data to glean actionable information is an important part of sales management – especially when you consider lead generation, new customer acquisition or customer retention. With VoIPstudio integration, all the data you need (including call records) is already available in Salesforce.

Enhanced Call Logging and Management

Customer service agents do not have to manually enter call details into the customer record in Salesforce. Since the phone system is integrated, calls are automatically logged with the relevant user record. It means your business does not rely on the memory of your employees to know down important details. Let the software do everything automatically for you.

Historically organizations have always suffered from lack of access to real-time and comprehensive data on various aspects of the business. This is slowly changing thanks to the proliferation of cloud services that promise always on availability. VoIP and Salesforce integration is just the beginning.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!