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The VoIPstudio Affiliate Program launches. Refer us for Great Commissions!

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Affiliate programs are a great way for providers to find new and potential customers for their VoIP services but not all such programs – and there are quite a few in the industry – are created the same. So what makes a good affiliate program different from a bad one?

At the most basic level, any good affiliate program – regardless of the actual product or service being sold/promoted – offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for the vendor and the affiliate member. The provider gets access to potential customers that they might not have been able to reach through typical mass media channels. Word of mouth is a powerful force in marketing and affiliate programs simply build on that.

Members on the other hand get to promote fantastic new products to their own customers, viewers, visitors or readers. They get to monetize content that would otherwise generate no revenue whatsoever. In many cases, the online property – website, blog, newsletter etc. – already talks about related products or services. For instance an artist who regularly reviews art supplies on her blog may participate in an affiliate program that rewards her when any reader purchases supplies through her website.

But there are also quite a few affiliate programs out there that try to restrict payments, impose schedules or otherwise make it difficult for participants to enjoy their rewards. They may only count certain services towards qualified leads or insist that the customer has to purchase the most expensive tier etc. In other words, they try to exploit program participants rather than view them as collaborators.

The VoIPstudio Affiliate Program

VoIPstudio is proud to announce the launch of its refined and improved affiliate program this summer. It offers many more opportunities than most other programs on the market today. How is the VoIPstudio affiliate program different from others?

How It Works

Anyone who is interested in participating in the affiliate program can register very easily by:

Once the application is approved, members will be assigned their own unique affiliate ID. They will also have access to ready made banners and textual links that can be used for advertising VoIPstudio service. Members earn commission on every customers who clicks on their unique links and ends up purchasing services from VoIPstudio. Once the amount in a member’s account reaches the minimum threshold, payments are made by the company.

Unique Features of VoIPstudio Affiliate Program

24/7 Support for Program Participants

This aspect of affiliate programs is something that is rarely talked about by providers. At VoIPstudio, members get access to an easy to use web dashboard where they can track their referral links, number of customers, commission earned till date, schedule of payments etc. Should anything go wrong, then our support team is ready to help.

Once someone joins the program, how easy is it for them to solve any problems they might encounter? Customers are not the only people who should get support when they need it. VoIPstudio is dedicated to ensure that members have the best experience while they promote the service.

Very Low Minimum Thresholds

In this program, payouts begin as soon as the commission earned crosses 50 USD (or GBP or EURO) for PayPal and 200 USD for wire transfers. So no more waiting around for revenue to reach some arbitrarily high ‘magic’ number before you get paid. This provides flexibility for members, after all it is money that they have earned. So why should they wait for it needlessly?

Monthly Payment Schedule

VoIPstudio’s program makes payments to members on a monthly basis. Participants don’t have to wait for the end of the quarter or year to see the fruits of their promotion. For people who run blogs, this can provide a steady source of income to cover server expenses or hosting costs. No more guesswork on when a member will get paid or how much!

Access to Advertising Materials

VoIPstudio helps members get started with inserting affiliate or referral links in their website with banners, links etc. It’s also a quick process to add the links inside buttons or newsletters that are sent out to customers or readers. In fact participants can even give their unique affiliate ID to their readers or friends to sue when they sign up for VoIP service. All the tracking is done automatically by VoIPstudio, so there is no worry about missed signups or miscounting qualified leads.

Free Trial Before Purchase

New customers who are referred through the affiliate program have 120 days to purchase any services. This gives them plenty of time to try out the trial and evaluate the service before making a commitment. Once services are purchased, the commission is automatically credited to the appropriate members.

High Commission Rates

Our affiliate programs also offers one of the best rates for commission paid to members. New members will get commission starting at 10% for six months and rates can go as high as 20%! Some provider programs only pay a flat fee per sign up which really limits the potential for earning commission. With VoIPstudio however, the sky really is the limit!

The astounding success of our affiliate program has prompted us to improve it even further. VoIPstudio has added more features and tools for members, all while making it easy for them to get rewarded. Come join the program for the opportunity to introduce great VoIP service to new customers and get paid for it!

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!