Global VoIP Office: Get The Best Talent

Posted on: 2015-03-19 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Phones

With globalization and the advent of innovative technology like the cloud, business horizons now encompass the entire world and are no longer restricted by geography. It is not the sole purview of large multinational corporations to have employees working in different offices across the globe – even a small consulting company may have workers who are scattered across multiple continents.

The global office phenomenon is not restricted by industry boundaries either. From financial consulting to the videogame industry, diverse enterprises are looking to recruit, manage and retain human talent across time zones. In such a scenario, the biggest obstacle is distance – how can a company bridge geographical barriers to enable effective communication and collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers and clients?

How can VoIP help in Recruiting talent?

If an organization has offices in multiple countries, having a reliable and flexible business phone system is a prerequisite. There are many situations where a company finds that having employees in different locations is beneficial such as expanding to new markets. It is often necessary to hire workers that have knowledge of the local culture. VoIP can cut down on the complexities and expenses involved in recruiting talent in different countries or continents.

Conduct long-distance interviews

It is becoming increasingly rare for a company to be able to recruit top talent within the close vicinity of its headquarters or other offices. However that does not mean that the company has to restrict itself to a smaller pool of candidates. Evaluating employees for new positions who are far away often takes the form of phone interviews – though it enables communication, it generally does not provide enough information to make hiring judgments.

With VoIP, organizations can conduct video interviews with potential candidates as many times as it is necessary to come to a decision. Neither the enterprise nor the candidate has to waste time and money in traveling to the interview location, giving both parties the opportunity to have more interviews than would otherwise be possible.

Create effective teams

In an organization, few employees work in isolation and the majority of tasks require the coordination of several people working in a team or on a single project. Thanks to VoIP, it is now possible for a company to get teams started on work without having to wait for a few members to join the others in the same physical location.

Imagine that a new member has to relocate from Europe to the US. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months which could cause considerable delay. Instead, the organization can provision local numbers and enable other UC features such as video chat for the new member so that he/she can get started immediately.

The benefits of VoIP do not stop once the recruitment process is over. An integrated and comprehensive business phone system can help teams collaborate more effectively without having to constantly meet face-to-face. Instead of wasting time in meetings or traveling, employees can concentrate on more important tasks that are necessary to complete ongoing projects.