FAQs about VoIPstudio

Posted on: 2019-02-17 | Categories: VoIP VoIP Services
How much bandwidth does VoIPstudio use?

You communicate via the cloud with VoIP. Meaning you do need internet, but any broadband connection is sufficient.

How do I improve VoIP sound quality?

The quality of your calls through Internet telephony technology will be the same as that of your traditional phone, if not clearer. Because you will no longer be relying on a traditional phone provider, “dead zones” won’t affect you. You just need a stable internet connection.

How much jitter is acceptable in VoIP?

Jitter that exceeds 40ms will cause severe deterioration in call quality. Unfortunately many equipment manufacturers or service providers do not disclose what method they use for calculating jitter values on their network or devices. However many vendors now include average jitter values in their SLAs, so that clients can be assured of the minimum acceptable quality standards.

How do I send a fax?

VoIPstudio offers computer-based faxing or Fax over IP. Thanks to built-in support for the T38 protocol, organizations have a reliable method of sending and receiving faxes. It means that faxing and VoIP can actually work together, and extremely reliably at that.

How do I get a VoIP phone number?

VoIPstudio is a hosted VoIP service that offers numbers in over 4000 cities worldwide and is a great option to showcase the process of obtaining and setting up a VoIP number.

Is voicemail included?

Yes. When you sign up with VoIPstudio, callers can leave you messages for free, right away.

Will my phones work during a power outage?

No. If you are using a VoIP desk phone and your building’s internet service, it will not work without power and a reliable internet connection. However, if you have the VoIPstudio mobile app, your cellular data will ensure you don’t miss a single call.

What codecs does VoIPstudio support?

ALAW (G711)
ULAW (G711)
h364 (Video)

What is VoIPstudio’s connection requirement?

You communicate via the cloud with VoIP. Meaning you do need internet, but any broadband connection is sufficient.

What inbound numbers can I use?

Regardless of where you are located, you can select a local number from our list of over 10,000 cities, worldwide. We have a full list of International DDI numbers ready for your VoIP system, meaning you can have number from almost anywhere in the world, regardless of where your desk is at the moment.

Can I use my existing landline numbers?

In many cases it is possible to port your number to your VoIP phone, but we’ll still need to verify that. Send your request to us along with the number you wish to transfer and a member of our team will get back to you within 3 working days.