Hosted VoIP Grows With Your Business

Posted on: 2015-04-16 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Technology

A business that fails to grow is doomed to fail. However that growth need not necessarily be linear or constant. Some industries experience frequent cycles of growth and recession while others have to manage seasonal changes.

Even a rapidly growing company will slow down at some point and a stagnating one may experience a sudden spurt for which they are completely unprepared.

However traditional phone companies as well as equipment manufacturers seem to ignore this reality. Business phone contracts do not take into consideration whether the company will grow or downsize in the future and lock the company into paying the same for services no matter what happens.

Similarly enterprise equipment is sold to clients on the basis of 5 or 10 year lifecycles disregarding the possibility of changes in technology as well as the needs of the organization.

Frequently, companies find themselves accommodating aging hardware or multiyear contracts rather than the providers catering to business needs. Hosted VoIP on the other hand is predicated on change – whether it is positive or negative.

If your business grows, the phone solution can scale along with you. If the company stagnates or downsizes, hosted VoIP can accommodate that as well.

Expected Vs. Actual Growth

It is practically impossible for a business to accurately predict when and how it will grow. Human nature being what it is, entrepreneurs frequently pitch higher than expected sales/growth numbers to investors while conservatively estimating the same figures when it comes to investing in phone equipment or services.

This means that expected growth may be more or less than what was initially determined.

Regardless of the actual specifics, hosted VoIP vendors can provision extra numbers, lines and bandwidth as and when it is required by clients. A company does not have to wait for technicians, buying new licenses or upgrading hardware right when employees need to concentrate on work.

In fact, businesses can usually upgrade to higher paid plans through the online dashboard or over the phone with the new resources being provisioned almost immediately or in a few hours.

Business Slowdown, Downsizing or Recession

Business growth may stop or reverse for a number of reasons – economic recession, slowdown in demand, inefficient processes or poor quality products. Whatever be the reason, there is no need for the company to continue paying for services that it is no longer using. In many cases, the organization can no longer afford to do so.

Suppose an enterprise downsizes from 500 to only 350 employees. The organization can turn off features and decommission lines immediately.

Hosted VoIP provider will only bill for what is being used, rather than what was included initially in a multi-year contract. If the company bounces back in a few months or even years, it is just as easy to upgrade.

Hosted VoIP offers the scale and flexibility required for businesses today. Organizations are free to focus on core business related processes instead of dealing with outdated equipment or stubborn phone service providers.