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How Can VoIP Benefit my Business?

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VoIP is a versatile and multifaceted technology with numerous advantages. Its flexibility means that businesses can benefit from it in different ways, depending on their individual circumstances and requirements.

Even organizations that are content with their existing PBX systems can benefit from switching to VoIP.

Let’s take a closer look at how VoIP can benefit your business in various situations.

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What if my system is working well?

Many organizations are faced with this situation. The current equipment and service plan may serve their needs adequately and they see no reason to switch to VoIP.

However even if all the features are present and working, maintaining the PBX systems requires resources.

Often there have to be a few experts available – in-house or consultants – who are capable of changing configurations and solving issues as they arise.

These businesses can benefit from VoIP as it will provide the same feature set – and then some more – but reduce the hassle and maintenance.

Not only does VoIP cost less up front than traditional systems but organizations can shift employees to more productive roles.

This way workers can concentrate on bringing more value to the business as a whole instead of wasting their time fixing communication issues.

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Can VoIP help my small business?

In one word – yes. Small business owners often underestimate the power of having enterprise grade communication capabilities.

Just because your business is small or you have only a few employees doesn’t mean you shouldn’t project a professional image to clients.

Even freelancers and contractors who work out of their home can benefit from the myriad features offered by VoIP.

Imagine being able to automatically redirect customers to the appropriate employee, even before you answer the call.

If your business is closed for the holidays or for unexpected reasons, callers can hear a prerecorded message stating the reason and when your office will reopen.

The best part is that these features are available at a fraction of the price charged by regular operators. It makes VoIP a perfect match for small businesses.

Can VoIP keep up if I grow or change?

Just because the business is small or large today doesn’t mean it will remain the same size forever. Small businesses can grow and become medium or huge corporations, while a big business can downsize and shrink.

These changes can be particularly hard for enterprises because they are often unexpected and can happen extremely quickly. It means that they may end up paying for resources that they are not using or struggling to cope with increased demand.

VoIP can step in here too. Hosted VoIP vendors allow clients to pay only for the seats/features that they use and these can be added, dropped or modified as needed. Suppose your business sees a sharp rise in demand, you can quickly provision extra lines.

If the growth is permanent, you can keep paying for them but if demand falls back to previous levels in a month or two, you can go back to your previous configuration. This sort of scalability and flexibility is invaluable, regardless of the actual size of your organization.

The benefits of switching to VoIP are innumerable and different organizations may have different reasons for doing so.

The truth is that since VoIP is built on the same protocols that power the Internet, the technology can adapt to any requirement. In fact new features are being added faster than businesses can make use of them.

Some enterprises are content to set up the system as they like and then leave it alone. On the other hand, some organizations are leveraging the new capabilities of those VoIP services to open up more business opportunities. Either way, VoIP is surely the way to go.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!