How Cloud Telephony Providers Can Give An Instant Advantage To Your Business

Posted on: 2014-10-16 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP

Imagine that you can have contact telephone numbers in 50 countries world-wide, within seconds, and without breaking the bank. It is your cloud telephony provider who can give them to you.

Most small businesses do not recognise what opportunities Cloud Telephony could bring them, so it is worth spending a few minutes to address these advantages.

  • Number local to your customers and suppliers

Rather than paying international call rates, your foreign customers and suppliers can reach you using local numbers. This makes it easier and cheaper for your customers and suppliers to contact you. If you are a company based in the United States of America that provides services in France, you can get a Paris number and pick up calls at your own desk in US. The service takes a few minutes to configure and cost just a few dollars. Think about how much easier it would be for your French associates to give you a quick call. You can have telephone numbers for up to 50 countries and still receive all the calls to the same phone. You do not need to move to set them up. No contracts, no commitments, no hassle.

  • Reputation gain

Your website and formal prints will look much better with some international presence. You can have local contact telephone numbers in countries that you trade with. It will instantly tell your customers that your company is an international and well established venture, even if you run all operations from one single location.

  • Flexibility

You do not need to sign a long term contract to get international telephone numbers. It is a one month rolling commitment, which means that you can switch any telephone numbers on and off, as you require. For example, if you trade with Italy only 6 months a year, you can have several telephone numbers in Rome for that period only. It is as simple as few clicks!

  • Dynamic presence

You can easily use Dynamic Caller ID, so your call will be identified with the dedicated number in country that you are calling to, which means your numbers will change automatically depending on the the destination called. It will make much easier for your customer to call you back, using their regional number.

Cloud Telephone provider such as VoIPstudio can provide so much more than just a numbers. Any small and medium business should give it a chance. Test VoIPstudio for free and gain even more great ideas how cloud telephony can help your business grow.